Best Hidden Cameras 2022 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

By: Nootan Kumar

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Hidden cameras are very helpful when you want to keep an eye on your family members, or valuable belongings.

Generally, most peoples use these cameras for the babysitter when she is taking care of your children, on the other hand, some people use these cameras for fun or prank shooting.

It’s always a good idea to have a spy camera for home, whether you want to keep tracking your children activity or you want to be notified when someone tries to infiltrate into your home when you are not there.

There are various types of hidden cameras available according to the situation and people’s needs.

It doesn’t matter every person is having own reason to purchase a hidden camera. But before purchasing one of them it’s very important to find the best camera that matches your needs, and since these cameras use diverse technologies, so you must consider the specifications of each product.

For example, If you want to record some videos in the night, you wouldn’t purchase a camera that doesn’t support night vision. Some cameras offer motion detection technology, Wi-Fi, and live streaming.

I promise you if you read this entire post, you will definitely be got your best spy camera.

Best Hidden Cameras of 2022

These best hidden cameras cryptic inside daily use items and they’re almost impossible to detect.

Below we have provided a comparison table, which is listed with top 10 hidden cameras’ specification. If you want to read the full review of any hidden cameras then you can click on that name.

 1. SIKVIO HD (Best Wi-Fi Hidden Camera)

The “SILVIO mini spy camera” is the best choice when we talk about the spy camera.

This camera is almost impossible to detect, because of his strip and tiny lens design, and can be easily worn with any type of garments. Honestly, This body-worn design may feel awkward for some persons, but it worths it because of security.

The best thing about this camera is it comes with 8 different style DIY lens covers, which makes it easy when we use this camera with different types of cloths.

The SILVIO mini hidden cameras equipped with 600 mAh inbuilt battery, which can last up to 2 hours. Moreover, this mini spy camera supports Full HD resolution video recording with the FPS of 15-30, that is quite great if you look according to video quality.

This full HD hidden camera not only having the good video quality but also it supports motion detection technology, which is very useful when you use this camera for keeping the eye on the expensive things or home. As soon as anyone passes in front of this camera or any type of activity is being done, this will instantly notify you with an alert message on your phone and record the video same time.

That being said, this camera compatible with 2.5 GHz Wi-Fi router, and support up to 128 GB of SD card.

As the price concern, in this range, this hidden camera offers great quality video with motion detection technology, which is commendable.

The SILVIO mini hidden camera features detailed video quality, 2 hours battery life, Wi-Fi and high capacity SD card support, and all these features come in a very lightweight package.

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+ Truly hidden design

+ Full HD video

+ Loop recording

+ Motion detection

+ Wi-Fi supported

+ 2.1 hours backup

+ Live stream

+ 15-30 FPS

+ SD card up to 128GB

+ Extra lens cover provided

+ Multi camera view in one app


 Somewhat circuit heating problem

 2. Corprit Wireless Clock (Hidden Camera With Night Vision)

All hidden cameras manufacturer finds the new way to hide the camera in daily use rigs, which makes it hard to detect. Some of them are impossible to detect, even if they can be placed somewhere around you.

And one of the spy camera manufacturer company, Corprit presented a camera in the wireless clock, which name is Corprit Nanny cam HD.

Aesthetically, this hidden camera cum clock is very beautiful and works also like a full clock. Besides that, inside this clock, there is hidden full HD camera equipped, which is capable to record up to 1920 x 1080 detailed videos.

The Corprit hidden clock camera is having loop record feature, which can record video continuously with overwriting on old files. And this recording can be triggered by its motion detection technology, which is also an advanced feature that I personally love about this gadget.

Apart from this, this motion detection feature is not limited to record video, it also can send you a snapshot, and playback with an alert on your smartphone. Additionally, this small spy gadget can record video in the dark, thanks to its night vision feature.

The Corprit clock wireless hidden camera accompanies clutter free clean design which offers, full clock features, night vision, motion detection and ultra-sharp and detailed videos, which worth its price.

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+ Full HD video

+ Loop recording

+ Motion detection

+ Wi-Fi supported

+ Live stream

+ Night vision

+ Beautiful design clock

+ SD card supported up to 32 GB


 Low backup time

 3. Conbrov Spy Book (Camera With Capacious Battery)

While I was testing and reviewing these gadgets, at that time one thing came to my mind.

The thought was, why not a hidden camera has the longest battery life? Then I started to find a camera which should have Best battery life. And I found Conbrov book hidden camera which offers the longest battery life, with his 10000mAh battery.

This camera can record 30 hours of video continuously is daytime and, in the night-vision recording, this battery lasts up to 10 hours.

Surprisingly, if you use this camera in PIR motion detection standby, this camera battery last up to 2 years, yes! you heard true.

Honestly, there is a little obnoxious thing about this device is, this doesn’t support Wi-Fi so you are missing out live streaming and alert feature here.

If you are okay with no Wi-Fi then the Conbrov hidden book camera is a wonderful choice.

When we talk about video quality, the Conbrov hidden cameras offer HD video quality, which is not terrible, you still getting decent pictures.

For storage option, you can use SD cards up to 32 GB, meanwhile, I want to tell you this camera offers manual and motion activated recording mode which is another plus point.

Due to its book design, this can be placed easily with the files an any educational or office stuff.

The Conbrov hidden book camera is for those who are looking for a camera which can record video long time without being detected.

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+ Massive battery life

+ HD video

+ Loop recording

+ Motion detection

+ 25 feet night vision

+ Standby up to 2 years

+ 32GB SD card supported


 Somewhat Big

 No Wi-Fi

 4. USB Charger (Hidden Cameras With Motion Detection)

Nowadays, USB is very popular, if we talk about smartphone or laptop or any gadgets, most of the devices offer USB connectivity, either it can be 2.0 or latest USB 3.1 but it exists.

Probably you will also have a bunch of USB devices and charger in your home. But can you imagine that, like your USB charger, there are some hidden cameras available which not only charge your mobile but also spy on someone, is it not cool?

So, this USB Charger hidden camera which I am discussing here is capable to record full HD videos along with charging your device same time.

This hidden camera can record video on the 90-degree view angle and this videos you can store in SD card that you can plug into it.

Like other devices, this spy camera also offers the dual activated mode for recording.

i.e. manual and motion detection.

Apart from this, you are getting two USB adaptor cum hidden cameras in this deal, so you can use one inside, and another to outside of your home.

Here is also lack of Wi-Fi connectivity, but if you are looking for the camera for your home and office that can record video without interruption and detection then these hidden cameras are recommended.

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+ Full HD

+ Loop recording

+ Motion detection

+ Charging and recording same time

+ Clever design

+ Cheap price


 No Wi-Fi

 No night vision

 5. Conbrov WF98 (Smallest Wireless Hidden Camera)

As per these camera names, these hidden cameras should be not detected in any condition, however, manufacturers are working hard continuously to make them spy-proof.

when we talk about detectability of cameras, the camera will be less detectable if that is having a smaller size.

The Conbrov WF98 960P mini wireless hidden camera is the smallest camera on our list.

Can you imagine how small this camera can be?

The product size is 0.9 cube inch, this can be easily held with your finger and thumb without too much spreading them. This is really surprising, don’t underestimate this camera with his size. This camera features video recording with night vision technology up to 15 feet. additionally, you are also not missing motion detection feature here.

Storage capacity is can be increased up to 128 GB with inserting micro SD card inside. apart from that, you will be notified with an email and push notification, with its motion detection technology.

The Conbrov WF98 960P tiny hidden cameras accompany 220mAh battery which can last up to 1hour.

Honestly, the battery backup time is a little bit lower than other, but considering the size of this camera, this is acceptable.

The Conbrov WF98 960P mini wireless camera offers all required features, that should be in hidden cameras. This device delivers extraordinary features when we consider the size.

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+ 75° view angles

+ 15 feet night vision

+ Motion detection

+ Email and push notification

+ Live stream

+ Wi-Fi

+ Tiny design


 Somewhat less backup

 6. Lkcare (Spy Camera in Fitness Band)

If you need a camera that works at home as well as in outdoor, and always remain with you, then LKcare Wristband camera is good for you.

Unlike other cameras, LKcare Wristband sport hidden camera is very convenient when you want to record some video or take some footage outside, or inside the home.

This Wristband cum camera comes with all recommended features, which should be in a normal fitness band, and apart from this, it also equipped with a powerful camera.

The hidden camera inside this Wristband body can record up to full HD video at the 30FPS, which is appreciable. And it also capable to take pictures of 2K resolution.

In power department, the LKcare Wristband hidden cameras accompany 350mAh lithium-ion battery, so it can deliver power for this device up to 1.8 hours while in action.

In normal use, this wristband cum hidden camera can take care of your health on the go, because it is having the pedometer, Calorie Tracker, and walking distance measurement features. And all these data you can monitor inside smartphone app.

Because of its outdoor, undetectable design, it is having a wide range of usability option. Detective journalist can use it as a tool and someone can record sudden accident.

The LKcare Wristband Sport hidden camera is a fabulous one, which features full HD video quality, average battery life at a reasonable price.

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+ Full-featured fitness band

+ 2K photo quality

+ Full HD video recording

+ Undetectable design

+ 30 FPS video

+ 1.8 hours backup

+ Live stream


 Average view angle

 7. POWPRO PP-SG110 (Spy Sunglasses With Full HD Camera)

Many people love to do an outdoor activity and playing the sport most of the time. but capture these moments with a smartphone is not possible always, you probably know that, when a smartphone falls from hand, how much Frightful moment it will be? Apart from this, if you want to record some fun moments or prank, you can’t record efficiently with the smartphone.

So, we need gadgets that always remain with you and also capable to record video without including your hand.

The Powpro PP-SG110 Sunglasses hidden camera is the gadgets, that was I talking about. This Sport looks Sunglasses cum hidden camera is having 5MP resolution and can record up to full HD video easily with 65-degree wide angle.

The Powpro hidden cameras accompany 450mAh battery, which can record up to 1.5 hours video continuously.

By the way, The Powpro PP-SG110 spy camera is perfect for sports lovers, which delivers a lot of decent features at the budget price.

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+ CE, FCC, ROHS Certified

+ Full HD video recording

+ 65° View angles

+ 30 FPS video

+ 1.5 hours backup

+ 5MP camera

+ Stylish sport design


 No click to take photos

 8. WNAT Bluetooth Speaker (Spy Camera With 180° Recording)

We have discussed some great hidden cameras for the home above, like Conbrov Hidden Spy Book Camera, Corprit Wireless Clock Nanny Cam, but this camera that I am going to tell you, this comes in a Bluetooth speaker body.

And, that fully work like a Bluetooth speaker, as well as an excellent detective.

The WNAT Bluetooth Speaker hidden cameras feature full HD video recording capability with the 180-degree rotational body.

It is having Wi-Fi connectivity, so it makes easy to send videos directly to your smartphone when any motion is being detected in front of this camera. However, for this feature, you have to insert SD card inside this.

The best thing about this camera is you can view the live streaming on multiple devices at the same time.

Please keep in mind that, this offers only 2.5GHz Wi-Fi connectivity.

When we talk about the backup time of this camera, which is 5-6 hours with inbuilt 3000mAh battery.

Here we are missing night vision, which can be easily found in this range hidden cameras.

Like other hidden cameras, The WNAT Bluetooth Speaker spy camera offers all normal features except night vision apart from this you are also getting wireless music player. I think in this price range this deal should not be passed.

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+ 180° rotational body

+ 5-6 Hours backup time

+ Motion detection

+ Full HD video quality

+ Wi-Fi supported

+ Live stream

+ Sd card up to 128 GB


 Somewhat heavy

 Night vision is missing

 9. MAGENDARA (Hidden Camera Pen with Full HD video)

Pens are a very common thing, that can be found anywhere, like in school, college, office, home. And, if this pen can record videos then that will be a great opportunity for the detective.

You can use it with placing in the pocket or even holding in your hand, so you can take the closer shot of your object. And, no one can notice that a pen can record video, that is the most useful advantage of this gadgets.

The MAGENDARA Pen hidden cameras deliver some great features like full HD video recording and 2K size photos. Apart from this, this camera is having the ability to stamp date and time on video or photos, which is very useful, when you want to know when each of them was recorded.

With the writing capability on the paper, this pen camera can be directly connected to pc for accessing your recorded videos.

If you want to take the photo only, not the whole video, then you can do that with a switch.

Unlike other hidden cameras, this pen spy gadgets doesn’t offer any special feature but hiding this in pen make it unique.

Battery backup of this hidden cameras not too good, which is below 1 hours but you are getting capability up to add 32GB SD card here.

Price of this camera is justified when we consider, its features, portability, and ease of usage.

The MAGENDARA pen camera is ideal for those, who want to record some important short video or evidence without being detected by people.

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+ Small size

+ Inbuilt USB male design

+ Full HD video

+ Budget price

+ 2K photo resolution

+ SD card


 Small battery life

 10. Amcrest (Powerful Spy IP Camera)

In our list, we have found almost all type of usability hidden cameras. I understand that nothing is perfect in this world, there always a downside of every single thing, but when we identified, what can we accept then we can find the perfect thing for our self.

Let me explain, if we can accept the visibility level of the camera then we can find extraordinary features, if we want to make them undetectable, we have to make them small as possible. And when we shrink the size of things we have to compromise with some features, like low battery backup time, quality of videos and images and many more.

Again, I want to tell you, this IP camera, which I am going to discuss is not a hidden camera, but due to very vast features, I have listed it here.

The Amcrest IP camera is a good camera which supports best quality 2K video recording, so you will get the detailed picture and, you will find whatever you are looking for.

This hidden camera records video up to 90-degree angle. Apart from this, you are getting a wide range of storage options

i.e. FTP, SD, NVR and cloud storage which is provided by Armrest itself.

In the connectivity section, this hidden camera support dual-band 2.5GHz as well as 5GHz Wi-Fi technology. Additionally, they are offering two-way audio, so you can talk and listen from anywhere.

Moreover, this spy camera is capable to Pan and Tilt from the remote location with your smartphone.

One more thing about this device is, this is having excellent night vision up to 32 feet.

The Amcrest IP hidden cameras is a powerful device, which accompanies some advanced features like, 2K resolution video, remote control, two-way audio, night vision, and dual-band connectivity. And all these powerful things come at very commendable prices.

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+ 90° View angles

+ 32 feet night vision

+ Motion detection

+ 2K video recording

+ Remote tilt/pan

+ Two way talking

+ Live stream

+ SD card compatible

+ FTP supported


+ Amcrest cloud

+ Dual-band Wi-Fi (2.5 GHz and 5.0GHz)


 Easily detectable

Spy Cameras – Buyer’s Guide

Everyone is having their own reason to purchase hidden cameras.

Here are the most common and popular use of spy cameras.

  • Monitor a babysitter or nanny
  • Keep an eye on your expensive belongings
  • Track your kid’s activity
  • Which employee is wasting time in your company
  • Record some evidence
  • Shooting prank or fun activity
  • Getting rare footage

It doesn’t matter, what is your purpose to purchase a hidden camera, but you have to know what should we consider before buying them?

So, I am listing some key points, that will help you find your best hidden cameras.

What should consider before purchasing the best hidden cameras?

This one of the most important factor that, we have to keep in mind.

There are technically mainly five types of hidden cameras available on the market.

Body-Worn: – These types of cameras are most useful for those, who are ready to take photos or videos anytime. These cameras normally come in Smartwatches, eyeglasses or strips with the small lens. Spy level of these cameras is very high, they are almost unable to detectable.

Self-Recording with the loop: – If anyone wants a camera that regularly records video all the time on a static place, then these types of hidden cameras are very useful.

Internet accessible IP based: –

Spy on someone in real time with the internet, this is the feature which is offered by these hidden cameras. These hidden cameras not only provide you videos in real time but you can also control them remotely and change the angle of view or even some camera offers two-way talking feature.

Hardwired: – These types of spy cameras typically connected with wire and they need controller devices, which process the video, which is taken by the camera and that video is sent to the user by internet or stored locally in the device itself.

Wireless: – Last but not the lease, wireless cameras are very popular, they come in the form of the book, speaker, clock or any type of daily use household product. And they always remain connected with your home internet with wireless technology and provides you real-time footage. This time of camera can be used for babysitter monitoring, baby monitoring or this totally depends on you.

Battery level icon 10 hot deals

Battery backup for a camera is a very important thing because when you are about to record video or take photos, and the battery is low then, what is the usability of that camera?

Outdoor hidden cameras come with normally 2-3 hours backup time, due to their small design. And on the other hand, the home camera can be available in capacious battery storage, but we can also charge them, while they are in action.

Some hidden cameras keep works only with main, they don’t have the battery inside.

I am just want to aware you that if you are purchasing the best-hidden cameras for outdoor then you have to check for a better backup time.

In past, the hidden camera had to face terrible quality videos. But, nowadays, you can get HD even full HD video recording feature easily in any spy cameras.

What is the recommended resolution for a hidden camera? Well, we recommend full HD resolution in the hidden cameras, because of in this detailed resolution you can easily identify your object.

however, there is no limitation that you have to choose full HD resolution, if you want more detailed video then you can purchase a camera that is having 2K resolution video, besides that the quality is not too important then HD resolution is not too terrible either.

Yes! another important feature is that some camera supports video only, I mean you can’t take photos directly with them, you have to extract photos from video later.

This is another great feature, which is provided by some spy camera’s manufacturer. The main function of the feature is, when there is any activity is happening in front of the camera, then it will notify you with SMS, push or will send you an email with attachment (features are different according to the manufacturer).

This motion detection feature can trigger video recording when any activity happens, and capable to send you instantly image and video clip of the incident.

Personally, I think this feature should be available in the best hidden cameras.

This feature is mostly available in-home cameras, and somewhat in outdoor camera too. Basically, as per its name, this feature is very useful in dark areas.

Most of the manufacturer provides this feature, but the thing you have to consider is that, check the night vision range, which varies according to the manufacturers

Most of the portable hidden cameras offer SD card compatibility. But as you go higher, some of them provide cloud storage and FTP feature. If you want to purchase the best hidden cameras then you should check the capability, that how big size SD card is supported by the that.

hidden cameras view angle

View angle should also be considered when choosing a spy camera, it affects very much.

As much wide view angle is supported by the camera, that much benefit will be for us while recording. And, our object never will be out from the frame.

So, I recommend, look for the wide view angle while purchasing the best hidden cameras.


I hope you have got some information about, how to find the best spy or hidden camera?

And, Probably you will have gotten your best-hidden camera already because we have discussed almost every type of spy camera above.

However, everyone requirement is different from each other, so camera selection also differ.

If you want a camera that totally hidden, and provides the best features also, then our recommendation is SIKVIO mini spy camera. However, if you want an extremely small camera then Conbrov WF98 960P is the only good option out there.

On the other hand, Conbrov book camera provides the longest battery life.

You can also check our recommendation, Corprit Wireless Clock, that is our choice for the best hidden camera for home.

If you still think that we have forgotten to list out here some other best hidden cameras then you can comment us without hesitation.

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