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Best Laptop for Typing Work

The writers don’t need many complex things to do work. For them, a laptop and a cup of strong coffee are enough for making some viral content.

Whether you’re a professional writer, poet or a part-time blogger like me. A good working keyboard and any ordinary laptop will not work. it is not that easy.

Before choosing the best laptop for typing work, we have to consider some things in our mind. Otherwise, we might face some problem during our work.

Best Laptop for Typing Work

A writer’s life is not that simple, they are not less than a scientist. Uncounted opened tabs of the browser, eagle-like vision, and their typing speed above vision restrictions, no one can understand these things.

For bearing this load, there are some factor like display size, processor, keyboard, portability and many more, that should be keep in mind.

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We have compressed our list into top three laptops, and that will make your buying decision less confusing. Please take a quick look at our comparison table below.

Top Rated Laptop for Typing Work

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(Editor’s Choice)


Intel Core i5


128 GB SSD

12 hours

Intel i5-6200U 


240 GB SSD

8.30 hours


(15″ Touch Screen)

Intel Core i5 7200U



9 hours

The MacBook Air is the overall best laptop for writers, without any doubt. This is the most portable or thin machine in the laptop category ever. You are getting about an inch thickness with the 13″ UltraSharp Retina display. Moreover, this laptop comes with 128 GB of SSD and 8 GB of RAM, which provides the best performance and loading time.


As you know about the Apple products, no one can beat them in terms of the durability and the design.

The MacBook Air is crafted with aluminum material. And, despite of the thin design, this laptop is one of the most durable devices.

The screen size of the MacBook air is 13″, that is a high-resolution Retina display. And, you can also use this device for photo or video edition besides of the typing work.

Like other MacBook product, you are getting super sensitive trackpad and efficient backlit keyboard. The keyboard precision and tactile feedback ensure the great typing performance.

Overall, the MacBook Air is a well-crafted and ultra-durable laptop ever.


This ultra-portable machine powered with dual-core Intel Core i5 processor which work on 1.8Ghz clock speed (can boost up to 2.9GHz), that is more than for typing work. Moreover, Intel HD 6000 graphics allows you to perform some graphics related task very easily like:  photo or video editing.

As we said earlier, this laptop comes with 128 Flash Memory, that is extremely faster than the HDD or traditional drives.


Everyone knows that the Apple’s devices are the most efficient when we talk about the hardware utilization and the MacBook Air is one of the perfect examples. According to the manufacturer, this device battery can last up to 12 hours, but practically, it is about 10 hours. Despite that is the great battery life.

I am really impressed with the battery backup, after one year I am still getting about 8 hours of backup.

Overall, the MacBook Air is the best laptop for typing work, that is very portable, reliable and powerful.

Honestly, the Apple devices are expensive, but if you can afford to get the MacBook Air on your budget, you likely won’t regret it.

  • Powerful Intel Dual Core i5 processor
  • 8GB RAM to ensure smoother work experience
  • Intel HD graphics 6000
  • SSD drive for better performance
  • Ultra sharp 13″ Retina screen
  • Ultra-durable and reliable body
  • Compact design and lightweight
  • Good battery life
  • No upgradable storage
  • Slightly expensive

The Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E470 is the good laptop for typing work in mid price range, which offers some extra features compared to its rivals. First of all, this laptop is coming with Intel Core i5 and 8 GB of RAM. Moreover, there is SSD support is also available, you are getting 240GB.

Unlike other laptops, most of the business series laptop of the Lenovo offer fingerprint reader, so this model also comes with that, and it the most secure way of locking the computer.


The main highlight in the design of this laptop is the keyboard and the touchpad, which are very convenient and extremely reliable.

Besides that, space between the keys is covered with an extra frame. And which restricts the dust and any food particles entering between them.

According to my working experience, this laptop’s keyboard is very hard to disassemble due to its complex design. But on the other hand, most of the writers love it.

The Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E470 offers 14″ screen with 1366×768 resolution, which provides good picture quality. Because of some small screen size, this laptop is easy to carry, so which allows you to work anywhere conveniently.

Overall the build quality of this laptop is decent, even many high price laptops can’t beat it. If you will ever hold this laptop in your hand then you can get an idea, that what I am talking about.


As we mentioned earlier, this laptop comes with SSD drive, which provides faster performance and loading time.

The Intel Core i5 6200U processor with 8 GB of RAM is sufficient for any typing work. As well as you can also play some light games if you ever need to.

Another good feature of this laptop is that you are getting fingerprint sensor on the palm rest, which is very useful and secure when you logging in to the computer on any website.


In general, writing always takes time, and a battery is the most crucial part of that. If you working in the garden or in a place where a power outlet is not available then battery plays the most important role.

Practically, this laptop can last up to about 6.30 hours when you are browsing web and typing, and this is the slightly low backup as compared to other.

Finally, the Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E470 laptop is perfect for those writers, who wants a decent keyboard and touchpad with amazing performance.

Moreover, the price of this laptop is totally justified, when we consider it’s durable design, great performance, and decent keyboard quality.

  • Good Intel i5 processor
  • Latest DDR4 8GB RAM
  • 240 GB SSD storage
  • Fingerprint sensor provided
  • Portable 14″ screen, easy to carry
  • Sturdy and decent build quality
  • Convenient and most reliable keyboard and touchpad
  • Upgradable RAM and storage
  • Average battery life

The HP Pavilion 15-CC5110NR is the best entry-level laptop for the typing work. The 15.6″ big display and the i5 processor will provide you the flawless work experience.

Moreover, the battery life of this laptop is also good, in this price range it provides more features than its rivals.


The HP Pavilion 15 laptop is very thin and lightweight, and it offers a full-size keyboard with tactile feedback. I personally like this type of keyboard, because it is easy to use the numeric keys with the right hand.

This laptop comes with 15.6″ touchscreen display with 1366×768 resolution, you can pinch, zoom or swipe from the screen this really increase the productivity.


The i5 7200U  is the best affordable mobile processor, which can bear the load of the many opened tab of chrome and the multiple programs. Because you are also getting the 8GB RAM support.

Nowadays, the 1 TB HDD commonly found in many of the laptops. And this HP laptop also offers 1 TB hybrid hard drive, that is much faster than the normal HDD, and it is sufficient for writers.

Unfortunately, there is no SSD support given, so it might perform slightly slower than other laptops. But for writers, it is still more than their requirements.


As we said this laptop is very lightweight and powered with the Intel Core i5 processor. This processor is very good in terms of the battery consumption with performance. You are getting practically 7 Hours battery backup, however, the HP claim that it can last up to 9 hours.

Despite that, it is almost a good battery backup when we compare with laptops in this price range.

Overall, if you are looking for the big screen affordable laptop for typing which can also perform good, then the HP Pavilion 15-CC5110NR is a perfect choice.

  • Affordable Core i5 7200U processor laptop
  • Good battery life
  • Sufficient 8 GB DDR4 RAM
  • 1 TB Hybrid big storage capacity
  • Large 15″ screen touch screen
  • Not ideal for carrying due to the big screen
  • No SSD provided

Best Laptop for Typing Work – Buyer’s Guide

Choosing a laptop for writers is the totally different task from other because here there are few things which affect the most. Unlike other, thinking about the processor and RAM might not work here.

below we have listed the top critical factor that needs attention before purchasing the laptop for typing work.

What should consider before purchasing the Best Laptop for Typing Work?

laptop keyboard

Which type of the keyboard is good for the writers on a laptop?

The keyboard is the most important component of any laptop that a writer looks into. And why not? It is not about only typing some emails, writers can check the highest durability peak point of any keyboard. So, it becomes necessary to choose the right keyboard, that “suit” your hands.

The space between keys, depth, and feedback these are few things that only a writer or a person who does typing work, can understand.

There are mainly two types of keyboard available in the laptops – mechanical and membrane

Mechanical keyboards have some “click-clack” type sound when pressing and releasing them, because they have hard keys underneath, and they are ideal for the gamers. while membrane keyboards are having the soft rubber underlay that provides tactile feedback.

However, you can connect any types of keyboards when you are home, but if you think practically, then you will definitely need a laptop with the good keyboard.

How much big screen enough for the typing works?

Nowadays, a big screen is not just for watching a movie or games, writers also want the big screen that can handle their rigorous searching.

As I said earlier, writers are no less than scientists, no one knows how much information do they consume before writing the viral content.

For this reason, a 10″ screen is definitely not going to work.

In windows laptops, 15.6″ screen is common, but for portability, a 13″ screen will work fine. However, you can add a 1440p monitor or ultra-wide monitor in your setup for extending your working area.

The weight and screen size these are two pillar that affects the portability of the laptop.

Writer’s habits are totally different from other, they can work sitting in the grass, on a coach or in coffee shops. So, it’s super important that a writer’s laptop should easy to carry.

But if you want a big screen laptop then you will have to compromise on the weight. Finally, you have to sacrifice for one feature – weight or screen size.

Commonly, a 17″ beast with 8-9 pound is not going to work.

laptop battery

How much battery is ideal for the writing work?

It is also the most important feature because luckily there isn’t the power outlet available everywhere for you.

And writing is very time-consuming work, for example – for writing this post I spent 10 hours. So, it becomes very important to check the battery backup of the laptop before purchasing.

In most cases, the manufacturers claim the more battery life but in reality, it differs. You can find 1-2 hours difference in the backup, and in the worst-case scenario, this difference can go up to 3 hours.

The rating that the manufacturers indicate on their laptop specs, that is calculated based on the browsing internet time while connected to the wireless connection. And this is called Wi-Fi benchmark test.

Check out our cheat sheet here that will help you to understand the difference between the “represented backup time” and the real-life battery time.


Don’t mess up the choosing process for your laptop, just make sure it compatible with your requirement and style of usage.

For example: if you work outside often, then you should choose a portable device with the good battery life. On the other hand, if you like to work on your desk at home then big screen might be beneficial for you.

Your feedback is always welcome.

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