Best Mouse for Hand, Thumb & Finger Pain – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

By: Nootan Kumar

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After writing the post on the best ergonomic keyboards of 2024, I got several emails from my readers to write a post about the ergonomic mouse as well. If you do some mouse-oriented task like, photo editing, graphic designing or gaming, then it becomes very crucial to think about a comfortable mouse. If you work longer with a conventional mouse then might be the result of hand strain or even repetitive injury.

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Yes, an ergonomic mouse can reduce the chance of repetitive injury, hand, thumb or finger pain. But here is a problem, if you’ll search around the web or in a local store, lots of results will be popped up with different shapes, and features, even some of them will be drastically weird that you can’t imagine. Then how will you decide, which one is right for you?

In fact, the definition of the best ergonomic mouse might be different according to the user’s preference, and needs. For example, if you have big hands, then any ergonomic mouse won’t help you until it is not large enough to fit perfectly in your palm. Therefore, there are several factors that should be considered before choosing the best mouse for hand, thumb, and finger pain.

This post will tell you exactly, what are the most important things that you should need to consider before purchasing the best ergonomic mouse in 2024. First, I would like to show you my top recommendations, although you can read my buyer’s guide anytime by scrolling to the bottom.

So, without further ado, let’s jump into my hand-picked recommendations.


Top Rated Mouse to Reduce the Hand Pain

Microsoft Sculpt L6V-00001
  • 12 oz
  • 1,000 DPI
  • 3 buttons
  • Wireless
View at Amazon
Logitech M560
  • 5.28 oz
  • 1,000 DPI
  • 7 buttons
  • Wireless
View at Amazon
Logitech MX Master 2S
  • 5.1 oz
  • 4,000 DPI
  • 7 buttons
  • Bluetooth, Wireless
View at Amazon
Anker Vertical Mouse
  • 3.05 oz
  • 1,600 DPI
  • 6 buttons
  • Wireless
View at Amazon
Evoluent VM4RW
  • 7.0 oz
  • 2,600 DPI
  • 6 buttons
  • Wireless
View at Amazon

Logitech MX Vertical

Best Vertical

  • 8.0 oz
  • 4,000 DPI
  • 6 buttons
  • Bluetooth, Wireless, Wired (USB Type-C)
View at Amazon
Logitech M570
  • 5.01 oz
  • 5 buttons
  • Wireless
View at Amazon
Kensington Expert K72359WW
  • 21.6 oz
  • 4 buttons
  • Bluetooth, Wireless
View at Amazon

Logitech MX Ergo

Editor’s Choice

  • 44.4 oz
  • 2,048 DPI
  • 8 buttons
  • Bluetooth, Wireless
View at Amazon


Best for Gaming

  • 3.95 oz
  • 1,500 DPI
  • 8 buttons
  • Wireless
View at Amazon


Best Mouse for Hand, Thumb & Finger Pain – Reviews

 1. Microsoft Sculpt L6V-00001 (Most Affordable Mouse to Reduce Hand Pain)

12 oz | 1,000 DPI | 3-buttons | Wireless | Right-Handed | 2x AA

When it comes to mouse holding, there are mainly three types of styles widely used by most of the users – palm grip, claw grip and finger grip.

If a mouse has been designed while considering the palm grip, the user’s hand entirely rests on the mouse and it is the most comfortable grip. The Microsoft Sculpt L6V-00001 is one of the most inexpensive mice for palm grip with a vertical design. Therefore, it will provide even more comfort.

First of all, this mouse is coming with wireless technology, and you don’t need to worry about the cable tangling or pulling. Moreover, with BlueTrack technology, it can offer very precise control.

Keep in mind, it is a basic mouse; and you’re getting t only three mouse buttons if you are looking for a better option you need to scroll below for more options.

As I discussed in the buyer’s guide, the vertical mouse reduces the hand strain via natural positioning. And, the Microsoft Sculpt is one of the great examples of that, with the full-size curved shape and tilted design it ensures the maximum comfort.

If you want to replace your old basic mouse then the Microsoft Sculpt is the most inexpensive mouse for ergonomic design, which can reduce the risk of hand pain or repetitive injury.

View at Amazon


  • Very affordable price
  • Beautiful vertical design for good comfort
  • Good tracking sensitivity


  • Only three buttons

 2. Logitech M560 (Simple Ergonomic Mouse for Budget)

5.28 oz | 1,000 DPI | 7-buttons | Wireless | Ambidextrous | 1x AA

If you don’t want to change your usage style, there are lots of mice are available with the blend of standard and ergonomic design. The Logitech M560 is a very popular mouse at the budget price range, which is offering the full-size ergonomic design with rubber grips.

Unlike vertical and trackball mouse you don’t need to change your habit for getting some better user experience. However, the comfort level of these mice is not good like the specially designed ergonomic mice like a vertical, trackball or vertical grip, but it could be a better choice for those who don’t want any fancy design.

With the Unifying wireless receiver this mouse provides hassle-free connectivity. Moreover, it is offering HyperFast scroll feature, which allows easier scrolling through longer document or webpage, and, you can press the wheel to return into precise scrolling.

Besides the dual scroll mode, by tilting the scroll wheel you can perform the backward and forward navigation commands. Moreover, with the dedicated Windows shortcut button, and side buttons, you can polish your workflow.

According to the manufacturer, with a single AA battery, this mouse can last up to 18 months, and it has been possible due to the sleep mode feature and an on-off button.

Overall, the Logitech M560 is a good mouse with full-size ergonomic design and rubber grip at the budget range, which might be a nice choice for you if you aren’t ready for a specially designed ergonomic mouse.

View at Amazon


  • Affordable price
  • Ergonomic design with rubber grips for better comfort
  • Can be used by both types of people, left or right
  • Longer battery life
  • Nano unifying receiver for seamless wireless connection


  • Not so comfortable as the vertical or trackball mouse

 3. Logitech MX Master 2S (Best Simple Ergonomic Mouse)

5.1 oz | 4,000 DPI | 7-buttons | Bluetooth, Wireless | Right-Handed | Rechargeable

While my previous Logitech mouse is great for basic users, but Logitech MX Master 2S is offering many advanced features along with ergonomic design.

First of all, the Logitech MX Master is a wireless mouse which also supports Bluetooth connectivity along with the rechargeable battery feature. Moreover, with the 4,000 DPI tracking sensitivity this mouse can deliver very high accuracy.

Like the previous mouse, the HyperFast scroll feature is also available, which provides a flexible scrolling experience. Additionally, on the left side, there is two buttons are given with a dedicated horizontal scroll wheel, which can addon some number to the productivity score.

As I said above this mouse support both connectivity, Bluetooth and Wireless. Therefore, you can control three Mac or Windows pc with this mouse. Moreover, with the Logitech Flow, you can do Cross-Computer-Control, it means you can copy-paste text, image or file from one computer to another with drag and drop. Personally, it is my favorite feature which I have found among the different types of mouse.

In terms of convenient user experience, this mouse is offering a bit better design than the previous mouse, which supports the hand and wrist at a natural position.

In facts, vertical or trackball mouse provides higher comfort but it takes some time to get used to. Therefore, if you’re not ready for vertical or trackball mouse then it is my best recommendation for an ergonomic mouse.

The Logitech MX Master 2S is offering the rechargeable battery with the fast charging feature, it can be run for 70 days with a single charge, and juice up for a whole day with only 3-minutes of spark. You don’t need to worry about replacing batteries, and it will eliminate the surprises.

The Logitech MX Master 2S is one of the best mice for ergonomic without any special design, which is offering many great features like, dual-mode connectivity, HyperFast scroll, Cross-Computer control, rechargeable battery with fast charging, and extra buttons.

If you work longer and are very serious to reduce the risk of repetitive injury then you’ll need some specially designed mouse. You can scroll down to find a suitable option.

View at Amazon


  • Brilliant tracking sensitivity with 4,000 DPI, can work on any surface
  • Ergonomic design to reduce the risk of hand fatigue and repetitive injury
  • Dual mode connectivity with Logitech Flow and Cross-Computer control
  • HyperFast scroll for flexible scroll experience
  • Rechargeable battery with fast charging
  • Advanced control with extra buttons and side scroll wheel


  • Not available for left-handed users
  • A bit high price

 4. Anker (Cheapest Vertical Mouse to reduce Hand Pain)

3.05 oz | 1,600 DPI | 6-buttons | Wireless | Right-Handed | 2x AAA

Probably, you might already know the Anker company, yes! it is the same brand which has earned a big reputation in the charging technology and it is now digging into computer accessories as well.

As I discussed in the buyer’s guide section about the vertical mouse, they can reduce the hand pain with the natural hand positioning. The Anker ergonomic mouse is a great choice at the low-price range which is offering vertical design.

The design is quite simple and professional, on the left side there are two buttons are given which can be used for next/previous commands. Additionally, with the dedicated DPI adjustable button, you can change the tracking sensitivity as per the situation.

In terms of performance, this mouse if offering the maximum DPI of 1,600 which is pretty amazing for all general purposes. Moreover, the nano transceiver provides seamless wireless connectivity.

Unfortunately, this mouse is not suitable for left-handers; therefore, you might need to check the Perixx PERIMICE-513L mouse which is offering the same features with left-handed design.

The Anker vertical wireless mouse is powered by the 2x AAA batteries, if you are looking for a rechargeable mouse then Audley Ergonomic Mouse could be a great pick for this price range. Despite the non-rechargeable batteries, I would still like to recommend Anker mouse over Audley due to reliability and trust.

Overall, the Anker is the most affordable choice in the ergonomic mouse to reduce the hand, finger or thumb pain. If you didn’t use any vertical mouse till yet, it is really going to surprise you, however, it will take a few days to hit your previous workflow.

View at Amazon


  • Very affordable price
  • Good performance with the adjustable DPI setting
  • Professional and clean design
  • Wireless connectivity with Nano wireless transceiver


  • Average build quality
  • Not suitable for left-handed users

 5. Evoluent VM4RW (Another Great Vertical Ergonomic Mouse)

7.0 oz | 2,600 DPI | 6-buttons | Wireless | Right-Handed | 1x AA

If we are talking about the ergonomic mouse, how can we forget the Evoluent company? It is one of the oldest brands which is making ergonomic computer products like keyboard and mouse. They are the veteran player in the ergonomic mouse industry.

The Evoluent VM4RW mouse is their updated variant which is offering many great features.

First of all, this mouse is offering a 2,600 DPI optical sensor with adjustable tracking sensitivity, which provides a seamless user experience. Moreover, with the programmable buttons, you can customize your mouse according to your working style.

As you know it is a vertical mouse, which prevents our arm from twisting to ensure maximum comfort during use. In this latest model, the company has redesigned the thumb rest for more comfort, also there is a border lip added along the bottom edge that prevents the pinky finger from rubbing the desk. It is really the best mouse to reduce thumb or pinky finger pain.

Moreover, this latest version is equipped with two side buttons which can be programmed for your favorite command or shortcut. Near the above side button, there are four LED indicator has placed, they state the tracking sensitivity level which you can change by the dedicated DPI adjustment buttons.

This model which I am talking about has wireless connectivity and ideal for right-handed users only. Whether you are a left-handed user, going to work with MacBook or need a wired version, there are all variants are available.

In facts, this ergonomic mouse is a bit pricey compared to the rivals and has somewhat bulky and traditional design too. However, while considering the features and users feedback it is a solid deal.

If you are looking for the best mouse to reduce hand, thumb or finger pain, the Evoluent VM4RW is one of the great choices which can reduce the risk of repetitive injury.

View at Amazon


  • Amazing tracking sensitivity with adjustable DPI settings
  • Outstanding convenience with patented ergonomic shape
  • Wireless connectivity with a nano transceiver
  • Available for Mac and left-handed users as well


  • Somewhat traditional and heavy design
  • Price is not for everyone

 6. Logitech MX Vertical (Overall Best Vertical Mouse to Reduce Hand Pain)

8.0 oz | 4,000 DPI | 6-buttons | Wireless, Bluetooth, Wired (USB-C)  |Right-Handed | Rechargeable

A vertical mouse is really a solid choice when it comes to reducing the hand strain, however, a trackball mouse can even do it better, but it will take more time to get used to. If you are looking for the best mouse to reduce the finger, thumb or hand pain, the Logitech MX Vertical is my top recommendation. It definitely deserves the best position, and I have some proofs of that.

Firstly, it has sculpted like a natural handshake position using a 75-degree angle to eliminate the muscular strain. Moreover, the textured thumb area provides an efficient grip for better control.

In terms of performance, this ergonomic mouse is offering a 4,000 DPI high precision sensor, which provides a precise tracking with less hand movement. The Cross-Computer-Control feature is very unique in the Logitech mouse which makes them capable to work with multiple computers; you can copy-paste texts, images or files with Logitech Flow seamlessly.

Unlike other mice, the Logitech MX Vertical is offering the three-way of connectivity with up to three Windows or Mac devices simultaneously –   wireless with Unifying receiver, Bluetooth, or USB Type-C with charging cable. Additionally, you will get the rechargeable battery with quick charging capability, which can run up to 4 months with a single charge and a 1-minutes charge can last it for a whole day.

There are 6 buttons available on the whole mouse body, and 4 of them are programmable as per your choice.

Lastly, the price is just amazing compared to the rivals, you are getting more than that you’re paying for.

Now, I think you can’t deny that the Logitech MX Vertical is the best vertical mouse to reduce hand pain in 2024 because it is offering the solid build quality, ultimate ergonomic design, three-way of connectivity, cross-computer control, rechargeable battery with fast charging at the most reasonable price.

There are even many other specially designed mice are available in the vertical category like this, and I want you to avoid them because they won’t mold easily in your lifestyle. It was my last and best recommendation for the vertical mouse, now on we’ll see trackball mouse below.

View at Amazon


  • Very reasonable price
  • Excellent tracking sensitivity with programmable buttons
  • Highly durable body with ergonomic design
  • Cross-Computer control with Logitech Flow
  • Three-way of connectivity
  • Rechargeable battery with USB Type-C fast charging


  • Not ideal for people with small-hands or left-handed

 7. Logitech M570 (Cheapest Trackball mouse to Reduce Hand Strain)

5.01 oz | 5-buttons | Wireless |  Right-Handed | 1x AA

Before we will go deeper into the trackball mice, I want to tell you something.

Trackball mice are great in terms of comfort without any doubt, but you need to change your habit a little bit to work with them, and this process takes some time. Unlike the vertical or standard mouse, you don’t need to move your hand on the desk to make cursor to move, instead, you will need to roll the trackball to do this job. So, here is my first recommendation for a trackball mouse.

The Logitech M570 is one of the most popular trackball mice for the lowest price, and keep in mind I am not talking about the very basic mouse like Logitech Trackman Marble, they are even cheaper. The Logitech M570 is a balanced mouse with all required features.

As you know, it is a trackball mouse, so you can move the cursor without moving your arm, which reduces the risk of repetitive injury. Moreover, with wireless connectivity, it provides extreme flexibility of usage.

For wireless connectivity, it is powered by a single AA battery which can juice up this mouse more than a year which is really great. However, the rechargeable feature is missing here, and we can’t expect for this budget price too.

With the nano transceiver (Unifying), it provides hassle-free connectivity and can be taken anywhere easily.

The Logitech Trackball M570 is a right-handed mouse based on thumb control; therefore, if you are left-handed user or looking to reduce the thumb pain then you might need to see the Kensington Orbit Trackball mouse.

Overall, the Logitech M570 is one of the best mice to reduce the finger or hand pain at the budget price, which is offering wireless connectivity with programmable buttons.

View at Amazon


  • Inexpensive price
  • Programmable buttons for better control
  • Wireless connectivity with longer battery life
  • Easy plug and play operation


  • Only suitable for right-handed users

 8. Kensington Expert K72359WW (Best Trackball Mouse for Mid-Range)

21.6 oz | 4-buttons | Wireless, Bluetooth | Ambidextrous | 1x AA

If you can spend a bit extra on your ergonomic mouse then you can get this outstanding trackball mouse which is offering awesome features.

The Kensington Expert K72359WW can be used in two different ways, you can use it either with USB Nano receiver or Bluetooth connection. With the Bluetooth connectivity, it can free-up a USB port to connect another device, it is very helpful especially if your device has a limited number of USB ports.

Unlike the previous Logitech trackball mouse, you are getting the ambidextrous design, it means it can be used by the left-handed users as well. Moreover, with the Trackball Works software, it allows customizing all four buttons and cursor speed.

Beside the trackball, the Kensington mouse is equipped with a scroll ring which lets you scan up and down page seamlessly. Additionally, the detachable wrist rest provides more convenience.

Yes! it is also a wireless mouse which is powered by a single AA battery. Don’t worry, with the Auto-sleep feature it can conserve battery very effectively if you’ll forget to turn it off.

In terms of compatibility, it covers a wide range of devices, whether you have a Chromebook, MacBook or Windows computer, it will work like a fluid.

If you are looking for the best mouse for hand pain or shoulder pain then Kensington might be a considerable choice, which is offering the four customizable buttons with scroll ring, wireless connectivity, and ambidextrous design.

I have chosen this mouse because it is offering great features for the amazing price and very popular as well. However, if you can spend even more then you should check out its upgraded version here.

View at Amazon


  • Ambidextrous design makes it compatible with all types of users
  • Detachable wrist rest provides more comfort
  • Customizable buttons with scroll ring
  • Portable and durable design


  • Not ideal for people with small hand
  • Durability could be better

 9. Logitech MX Ergo (Overall Best Mouse to Reduce the Risk of RSI)

44.4 oz | 2,048 DPI | 8-buttons | Bluetooth, Unifying | Right-Handed | Rechargeable

Finally, this is what I was talking about, it is the best mouse to reduce the risk of repetitive injury which ensures optimum comfort.

As you know, a vertical mouse can reduce the hand strain by eliminating the hand-twist, while, with a trackball mouse you don’t need to move your arm to make cursor to move, and it is even more comfortable. But what will happen, when we merge both designs into one mouse, I think it would be the most convenient combination. The Logitech MX Ergo is the best example of a hybrid mouse, which is providing vertical and trackball design in a single room.

The trackball you have already seen in the above image, and the bottom side of the mouse, there is a hinge installed which allow choosing the comfortable angle according to the user’s hand. With that out the way, you’re getting maximum customizability, and there is no space for anguish.

Now let’s come to the performance, this ergonomic mouse is offering Dual Mode connectivity (unifying receiver and Bluetooth) and Cross-Computer control like the Logitech MX Master mouse. Therefore, you can copy-paste images, text or files between the three Windows or Mac computers. Moreover, you are getting the 8 programmable buttons which can be assigned to your favorite commands or shortcut for boosting your productivity.

The scroll button can do more than scroll, you can also perform two extra commands with tilting both sides, and middle click is also there. Additionally, with the adjustable tracking sensitivity, you will get even better control over your mouse.

Mouse with disposable batteries can surprise you anytime whether you’re working late night on an intense project or playing a game. But you don’t need to worry about that, the Logitech Ergo is offering a rechargeable battery feature. Additionally, it is fast charging supported, with a single charge it can last up to 4 months, and 1-minutes spark can hold it for a whole day.

Overall the Logitech MX Ergo is one of the best mice to reduce the risk or repetitive injury, especially the adjustable hinge feature is quite innovative, which provides even more comfort with trackball design. Moreover, you are getting tons of features like Dual-Mode connectivity, Cross-Computer control, brilliant performance, rechargeable battery with fast charging, and 8 programmable buttons at the great price.

View at Amazon


  • Innovative ergonomic design with an adjustable hinge for optimum comfort
  • Rechargeable battery with fast charging
  • Brilliant performance with adjustable sensitivity
  • 8 Programmable buttons
  • Dual mode connectivity with Cross-Computer control
  • very reasonable price


  • Comparatively heavier

 10. ELECOM M-HT1DRBK (Best Choice for Gamers)

3.95 oz | 1,500 DPI | 8-buttons | Wireless | Right-Handed | 2x AA

The ELECOM M-HT1DRBK is the newer version of the ELECOM M-XT3URBK which was a very popular mouse for convenient gaming, but the latest model is even better. The design is greatly improved and provides more comfort. Moreover, the wireless connectivity is available in this version, even you can get a variant which is providing three modes of connectivity – wireless, Bluetooth and wired.

First of all, as a gaming mouse, the programmable buttons is a very important feature, absolutely! you’re getting 8 programmable buttons in this model with lift/right scrolling tilt wheel which can blend with different gaming styles. Moreover, it is offering the max 1,500 DPI with the adjustable capability.

The ELECOM M-HT1DRBK mouse is loaded with the OMRON switches which are well known for an enhanced click experience; therefore, you won’t do mis-clicks during your intense gaming.

Finally, if you’re looking for a gaming mouse with the highly ergonomic design then ELECOM definitely deserve your attention, which is offering the many programmable buttons, wireless connectivity with amazing performance.

View at Amazon


  • Amazing performance with adjustable DPI level
  • 8 Programmable buttons provide seamless gaming
  • Effortless glide and smoother precision with synthetic ruby bearings
  • Durable and reliable construction for long lasting


  • The design is not a cup of tea for everyone

Best Ergonomic Mouse of 2024 – Buyer’s Guide

As I said above, there are some factors that should be considered before purchasing a perfect convenient mouse for you.

Why does the fatigue, or RSI (repetitive strain injury) occur in our hand while using a conventional mouse longer? And do I really need an ergonomic mouse?

Have you noticed? When our hands fall on the table naturally, the viable position is vertical, but when using a conventional mouse, we need to twist our hand to fit according to them. However, if you’re an occasional user then this situation won’t affect much, but for a marathon runner, it can easily prove its existence with fatigue or numbness. And, if this continue happens, it can cause heavy pain in the awning of repetitive strain injury.

You can understand it with the below image.

How an ergonomic mouse can help in this situation?

As I said above our hand naturally fall vertically on the desk, then why not make a vertical shaped mouse. But! it has already happened, if you don’t know there any many brands like Evoluent and J-Tech Digital, they are offering vertical mouse. These mice will let you work without hand strain. But it is still not a full proof solution for maximum comfort, now let’s see the second situation.

Usually, the standard mice designed to work with moving the hand on the desk or mouse pad, and this way the cursor moves on the computer screen, everyone knows! But, an inappropriate hand placement with a long working session can cause a serious hand pain or even repetitive injury. In the below images, you can see both of the situations are not good.

Image source

Even if you work with the perfect posture, you still need to slide the mouse for making the cursor move.

How to get rid of these types of problems?

If you want maximum comfort then you can expect it from a trackball mouse. It will totally eliminate the requirement of hand movement to make the cursor move, you can do it with the trackball.

But keep in mind, the trackball mouse needs some time to get used to properly. Until you’re not sure what are your requirements, just avoid them.

In most cases, a vertical mouse can be easily molded into the lifestyle, while trackball mouse is like bras in teeth which, will make you a bit uncomfortable for a few days. But if you can get used to a trackball mouse, you can also get a vertical trackball mouse for optimum comfort.

Now let’s take a look at some important features which should be kept in mind before choosing any mouse.

Wireless or Wired?

It is the first basic thing that you need to think about. Nowadays, wireless mice are very popular they provide hassle-free user experience without interruption of wires and can be carried easily anywhere, but you’ll need to remember to replace the batteries or charging them.

While wired mice provide a stable connection but they are limited to the wire length, and can cause cable pulling or tugging. Usually, wired mice are cheaper than the wireless.

Optical or Laser Sensor?

In general, the optical sensor is mostly found in most of the mouse unless the mouse is designed for gaming. If you are looking for a standard mouse then probably, you’ll be having an optical sensor in your mouse.

On the other hand, a laser sensor mostly found in the expensive mouse or gaming mouse.

The laser sensor provides the higher DPI level as compared to the optical sensor, that’s why it is mostly liked by gamers. Moreover, a laser mouse can work on any surface, whether it’s a transparent or even a glossy.

Until you’re not going to use your mouse on glass/glossy surface or playing games then you don’t need to pay extra on a laser mouse. And, I also want to tell you, most of the ergonomic mice don’t offer so high-end specs.

Tracking Sensitivity

The tracking sensitivity depends on the mouse sensor, it is measured in the DPI (Dots Per Inch) or CPI (Counts Per Inch). It could be ranged between the few hundreds to few thousands.

Usually, for a standard user, it doesn’t matter the most, even 1,000 DPI level is quite enough to do all tasks without any issue. But for gamers, it is one of the most important features to achieving fastest and accurate movement.

Extra Buttons

Nowadays, a mouse is not just limited to move the screen cursor, selecting or moving items, you can do more than that with the extra buttons. These extra buttons mostly found in the sides or top of the mouse, and can be programmed according to the user requirements.

It means if you work with the same programs and execute some frequent commands or shortcut often, you can assign it to programmable buttons. If you are getting some extra programmable buttons into your mouse it might help to increase the productivity.

Wrapping it up

As you can see, I have included most popular ergonomic mice of 2024 to reduce the finger, thumb, hand or shoulder pain in this list.

If you are looking for a pleasing mouse usage experience without adopting any changes into your old style then you need a standard mouse with some ergonomic tweaks. The Logitech M560 is a great choice for budget price, while Logitech MX Master could be best for you if you looking for some great performance.

If you are a bit serious with your health and ready to accept some change into your usage style, then you should grab a vertical mouse. The Anker is my budget-oriented choice, and if you have some high budget you can get the Logitech MX vertical mouse for outstanding performance with optimum comfort.

The trackball mouse is not recommended until you’re not sure what you’re looking for, because you’ll need to change your whole working style to working them. However, they can provide the highest comfort without any doubt. For budget range, the Kensington is a great choice and if you tend to play games then you might like the ELECOM mouse for a brilliant performance.

Finally, the Logitech MX Ergo mouse is my best choice of an ergonomic mouse in 2024 because it is offering both vertical and trackball design in one room to ensure optimum comfort. Also, it is offering outstanding performance with great features.

Ok, did you find a suitable mouse for yourself or have any question regarding them? Let me know in the comment below. I will back to you shortly.

Thank you very much! have a great day 🙂

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