Best Power Bank for International Travel – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

By: Nootan Kumar

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During the international traveling, there are a lot of challenges you might face.

For example:

  • Forgetting your passport as you arrive at the airport.
  • Not having enough local currency on arrival
  • Getting through the long lines at customs
  • Your gadgets died and you don’t have any power source around.
  • A lot more.

Recharging the gadgets is one of the major problems, but thanks to the modern technology like travel adaptors and power banks, they can save your life.

Best Power Bank for International Travel

Especially, a power bank is one of the most crucial devices that should be with you while traveling. But after choosing the wrong power bank might ruin your whole journey, suppose that when you need them and they just don’t work, this doesn’t make any sense. Before choosing the best power bank for international travel there are some couple of things that should be considered.

In this post, we have explained all the critical points that you should keep in mind, before choosing a power bank. If you read the whole article, I hope you will find your best power bank or at least will be aware of the things that are most important.

Ok, but what are the important factors that should be considered before purchasing the best power bank for international travel?


Capacity is the unit that defines how much power can a power bank store. This measured in mAh, the higher the number, the longer you can use the portable charger before it needs to be recharged again.

Typically, smaller power banks have a capacity around 1,000mAh, medium-size comes with 3,000 to 5,000mAh, and the larger units can be of 10,000, 20,000mAh or even more.

But which size is good for me?

Well, this depends on your requirements, if you have an only a smartphone then a 10,000 mAh power bank will be sufficient for you. Because an average smartphone has a battery capacity around 3,000 mAh, and you can charge it three times by that power bank.

And remember, no gadgets are perfect energy efficient, so you can’t expect the 100% result. It means your 10,000mAh battery pack is not going to charge your device as exactly 3.3 times. But you can still get an approximate idea of how many times you can recharge your mobile by comparing the capacity of the power bank and mobile – for example, a 10,000mAh power bank can recharge a mobile twice, that having 4500mAh battery.

But if you have some other device along with a smartphone then you should definitely look for a larger capacity power bank.

Charging Speed

This is another major factor that makes the huge difference between the power banks. Usually, basic models come with 1A, while some advance power banks could deliver 2A or more. The faster the charging rate, the less time you’ll need to spend to charging your device. As the size of your device’s battery increases, choosing a fast charging power bank becomes super important – because you don’t want to wait a whole day to fully charge your device.

Nowadays, most of the mid-range to high range devices are coming with the fast charging features, and all the manufacturers having the different name for that. For example – One Plus uses Dash Charging, OPPO named it VOOC while Motorola uses TurboPower. But it doesn’t matter, if your device supports the fast charging then you should definitely pick a power bank with fast charging.


power bank ports

Most of the power banks come with a full-size USB port, and you can connect an appropriate cable to charge different devices. And, some power banks offer multiple USB ports or USB Type C ports, while some power banks come with a fixed cable of a certain type without any port.

And when we talk about large power banks they even come with AC mains port, that can charge your laptop. You have to pay attention to this area while choosing the power banks.

Other Features

In general, power banks help you to charge your device while you are away from mains power source, but they can do even more than that besides charging. Some portable charger comes with built-in LED to be used as a torch, and other can help you to keep your hand warm in cold climates. Additionally, some power banks offer solar charging, that is even more helpful.

It’s worth reading to all the way to through the description of the power banks to see if it has any useful features.

Best Power Bank for International Travel – Reviews

 1. BONAI (Cheapest and Portable)

5,800mAh | Up to 2.1 A | 1 x USB | 4.8 ounces

BONAI portable charger is the lightest weighted and cheap device in our rundown. This power banks loaded with 5800mAh battery, which is capable to charge an iPhone 6 around two times. Additionally, it comes with USB to lightning port cable. This device is extremely portable and very convenient for traveling, but if you are looking for a better charging device then you should skip this.

You can’t expect more at this price, however, it is still a good choice for some light user.

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 2. POWERADD Pilot 4GS (Cheaper Solution for Mobiles)

12,000mAh | Up to 3A | 2 x USB | 9.6 ounces

POWERADD Pilot 4GS is another budget-friendly power bank that comes with some higher capacity of 12000mAh.  This portable charger also includes a lightning cable for Apple devices. Due to its flat and lightweight design, it can fit easily in our pocket.

This small portable charger is capable to charge a standard mobile up to three times. Moreover, it comes with two USB output, so you can charge two devices simultaneously. However, it is not as efficient as other power banks like Anker PowerCore, but it is still a great deal for the affordable price.

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 3. PISEN (Affordable Big Power Bank)

20,100mAh | Up to 2A+1A | 2 x USB | 16.64 ounces

When you have multiple devices during travel, then you might need some more capacity power bank that properly juices up all gadgets. After adding some more bucks in our previous charger value the PISEN power Bank is a good choice, which is capable to charge an iPad 1.8 times, an iPhone 7 6.7 times or S8 4.5 times. It also comes with dual USB output and a digital LCD display, which show an accurate percentage.

If you are looking for an affordable power bank that can charge your tablets and mobile, PISEN could be a considerable option, which comes with a massive 20,000mAh battery pack.

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 4. Anker PowerCore (Power in Budget)

20,100mAh | Up to 4.8A | 2 x USB | 12.5 ounces

Now we are going to dive in some high price range and great quality products. The Anker PowerCore is the best power bank for international travel if you looking for a tablet and mobile charging solution. This beast loaded with 20100mAH capacious battery, which is capable to juice up iPad mini 4 times, iPhone 7 seven times or Galaxy S6 up to five times. Moreover, this portable charger can deliver 4.8 amperes from both USB ports (overall).

The most interesting thing about this portable charger is the weight, despite the high capacity, there are only 12.5 ounces. This lightweight and powerful device is very ideal for traveling.

The Anker PowerCore is the perfect choice for those travelers, who need some extra power to juice up some big devices.

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 5. RAVPower (Solar Charging Supported)

25,000mAh | Up to 6.4A | 2 x USB, 1x USB Type-C | 19.36 ounces

After slightly increasing your budget you can get a solar charging feature. The RAVPower is the device, that’s I talking about. This solar charging compatible external battery pack comes with the massive capacity of 25,000mAh, which is insane.

This device is totally different from all devices in our list. It comes with the most rugged and durable design and an inbuilt solar panel, that can help you in outdoor if there are no mains available.

When we talk about the output capacity, it can provide 6.4A with quick charge, USB-C, and iSmart charging ports. Additionally, there is a LED emergency light is equipped.

RAVPower is a solid choice for traveling, that comes with the most durable body, waterproof design, large battery, and fast charging. You can also call it the best power bank for backpacking. And the price of this portable charger is quite reasonable when we think about the features.

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 6. Anker PowerCore+ (High Capacity in Compact Body)

26,800mAh | Up to 6A | 3 x USB | 20.96 ounces

Anker PowerCore+ is the upgraded version of the Anker PowerCore and it comes with some advanced features. First of all, the battery capacity of this portable charger is enhanced to 26,800mAh, and wall charger is included in this version. The reason for providing the charger – it supports the Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 technology for both input and output, so it is recommended to charge it with the appropriate charger, an ordinary charger won’t perform enough.

This power bank can charge itself with 2 x faster speed with Qualcomm Quack Charge 3.0 technology and deliver 85% faster charging for supported devices. Besides that, this power bank can deliver power for non-Quick Charge devices up to 3A per port.

With its massive capacity, you can charge MacBook (2015) more than three times, iPhone 6s nine times, or S6 more than 6 times.

This power bank is recommended for those, who are looking for a larger capacity faster-charging unit, and which should be capable to charge smartphone and tablet multiple time. Moreover, if you have a laptop with Type-C charging, then it is the best choice for you.

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 7. RAVPower (Massive Capacity Portable Charger)

27,000mAh | Up to 7.8A (USB) | 2 x USB, 1 x USB Type-C, AC Outlet | 30.4 ounces

If, you have a laptop that doesn’t support the USB Type-C port charging, then how will you charge it with power bank? Well, there are a lot of options available for laptop charging power bank, and we have picked a nice unit for you: RAVPower Portable Charger with AC Outlet. This power bank is capable to charge your laptop including smartphone and tablet. It comes with 2700mAh large capacity battery pack, 2 x USB ports, 1 x USB Type-C port, and a power outlet port. The USB Type-C port supports output only. You can charge up to three devices simultaneously, including a notebook, tablet, and smartphone.

This beast is the ultimate solutions for all your charging need during traveling. You can charge your smartphone, tablet, camera or laptop, it won’t let you disconnect from the digital world. This power bank has been satisfied the thousands of users across the world and has earned good ratings.

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 8. Omni 20 (Most Efficient Universal Charging Device)

20,400mAh | Up to 6A (USB), | 2 x USB, AC/HVDC Outlet | 22.24 ounces

Have you heard about the Omnicharge before? Omnicharge is one of the most innovative steps in the power bank industries, this device is the only one that provides an adjustable DC output, which saves more energy compare to the power outlet output. With the adjustable DC output, you can charge your camera, laptop, drone, or projector. However, if your device is out of range from its DC output (1-24 Volt) range, then you can use the inbuilt power outlet.

For the USB powered device like the smartphone, tablet or some latest notebooks, there is two USB high charging ports are equipped, and they are capable to provide 3A currents per port.

The Omni charge comes with something rounded edge square compact design and having commendable weight. The direct DC charging feature make it different and more efficient power bank of all time.

If you are looking for the most compact, powerful best power bank for laptop and mobile or even for other tech gadgets, then Omnicharge is the solid option, which is highly adaptable with most devices.

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Wrapping it up

Well, there is no perfect device in this world. If you choose the high capacity power bank, then it could be heavy, while some smaller unit can’t charge your all gadgets.

It totally depends on your budget and requirements. I hope you have got your best power bank for international travel, and additionally, don’t forget to buy a power converter.

If you have any question regarding these portable chargers, let me know in the comment below, I will back to you shortly.

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