Best Rated Wireless Earbuds For Running – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

By: Nootan Kumar

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One day I was using the wired headphone while running at full pace. And you know what! my hands stuck in that wires and the headphone broke out. Moreover, I was also a little bit injured between my fingers.

However, this does not happen to all of the people, and headphone not always brokes, but probably you have experienced this problem ever.

But the essence of the story is, the wires of the earbuds always annoying, when they come in the way during the workout of running.

On the other hand, wireless earbuds allow you to act freely when you are listening to music.

In this post, we have compared the some best rated wireless earbuds for running, I hope that will help you to find your next one.

Best Rated Wireless Earbuds For Running

Finding the perfect wireless earbuds is really a tricky process because there are many best manufacturers and they are providing the competitive features. So, it becomes difficult to choose one that will work great.

Suppose that, if you spend on a fancy pair of earbuds and that stopped working then what is the point of buying the things like that.

Before choosing the wireless earbuds, you have to consider some factors like Bluetooth version, Battery backup, comfort level and fitting, and many more.

If you don’t have enough time or you already know that which features you are looking for then you can explore our recommendation first.
However, if you want to read our buyer’s guide any time then you can go through by clicking sidebar or navigation.

Best Rated Wireless Earbuds for Running – Reviews

1. Bose SoundSport (Best wireless earbuds) – Editor’s Choice

We always are eager to know when a leading brand launches a product. We are talking about Bose, which is specialized in top-class audio product designing and manufacturing. Bose launches a wireless earbud named Bose SoundSport.

Bose SoundSport is equipped with a best active noise cancelation and top quality sound along with rich bass.

The best things about these earbuds are Due to lightweight, you can wear it for a long time, it comes with 6-hour battery life. And if you listen to music on slightly low volume, the battery will last up to more than 8 hours.

According to its name, These headphones are for individuals who incline toward listening to music with working out.

These Bluetooth remote earbuds come in multisize sporty ear-tips, so you can pick as indicated by your size. After all, it fits so well in the ear that, you can turn ur head around 180 degrees or runs very fast, surprisingly that won’t unplug these earphones.

Here one also important thing is that these buds are secured with nanocoated sweat proofing technology, so sweat or rain can’t stop you, from enjoying music.

The SoundSport is also supporting NFC, which makes pairing experiences very ease. With Bluetooth 4.1 you will get a very broad range of connection, and you can listen to your music without any interruption

Due to the latest advance Bluetooth version, You can associate up to 2 gadgets at the same time without any issue.

Moreover, Bose SoundSport comes in four shades ie. Black, Power Red, Citron, and aqua. And remember, there is no difference in configuration as for shading.

keep in mind that its price is also slightly higher, by the way, the price is totally understandable because they are coming from Bose.

For protection, these earbuds are also coming with the premium quality carrying pouch, and that will save these earbuds longer.

We have an only minor problem with this headphone is, It’s earpiece estimate is somewhat big, so it might be awkward to some user. Although due to lightweight this problem may be ignored.

If you are looking for the best rated wireless earbuds for running, then Bose SoundSport is a perfect choice, that provides amazing sound quality with good battery life.

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+ Premium looking

+ NFC supported

+ Good active noise cancelation

+ Top battery life

+ Perfect fitting

+ Connect up to 2 devices same time

+ Sweatproof

+ Premium carry pouch

+ Available in Four colors

+ Ultra lightweight


Somewhat big earpiece

2. Sennheiser HD1​ (Luxurious And Premium Yet Most Expensive)

In our rundown, the next gadget is from Sennheiser.

Sennheiser is also one of the most trusted brands, which is well known for specializing in production and design the wide range of reliable audio products.

Momentum series is the most prominent of Sennheiser in-ear Bluetooth earbuds.

The Sennheiser HD1 is crafted with soft stitched sheepskin Nappa leather and comes in neckband shape. Aesthetically, these wireless earbuds come with the stitched leather design that provides them a premium looks.

Honestly, the Sennheiser’s products are very costly, when we compare from other. But they are offering some premium features too.

The Sennheiser HD1 is coming with NFC feature, which provides one-touch pairing without any hassle. And with Bluetooth 4.1 and Apt-x technology, you are about to get, wonderful sound experience.

This device is having practically 15+ hours of battery life which full charge in 1.5 hours with fast charge technology. If the battery is totally discharged, then with inbuilt DAC IC, you can also directly connect it to USB, for listening music. However, this is a totally pointless feature for “wireless earbuds” that you are using with the wires.

Next, like our previous device, this unit also comes with beautiful and premium quality carrying pouch, which will extend these earphones life.

The Sennheiser HD1 equipped with – 44 dB V/ Pa microphone which is very sensitive, you can talk very clearly with the slow voice, even whispering can listen clearly.

Many people are not aware of that, Sennheiser HD1 is also known as “MOMENTUM In-Ear Wireless”.

Because battery backup time is the most important feature of an earbud. So we have selected Sennheiser HD1, However, there is not too much difference between Momentum free and Momentum compare to price.

Momentum free specially designed for those people who enjoy workout out and running. It comes without neckband, it feels very lite, so you can wear it very long time.

In “Momentum free”, you will get somewhat 4 hours less battery time, compared to “HD1′

You can likewise look at Momentum free here.

If you are a looking for premium quality wireless earbuds, which offers outstanding microphone and sound quality, then you should check out the Sennheiser HD1.

These wireless earbuds are ideal for professional singers they often perform live.

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+ Premium looking

+ Aptx supported

+ NFC supported

+ Top battery life

+ Amazing sound quality

+ Inbuild DAC

+ Premium carrying pouch

+ Ultra sensitive microphone

+ Fast charging in 1.5 Hours


Price is high

Some people may don’t like the leather             design

3. Jaybird X3 (Best Mid-Range Sports Wireless Earbuds)

Now next we are looking for best sports earphone in the medium price category, So we had found Jaybird X3.

Jaybird brand is well known for making wireless earphone, they provide some best feature with the commendable price.

The “x” category is the most successful one. In the startup in the x series, you are getting the same incredible sweat-proof design.

After some decent upgrade, the X3 becomes small compared to X2 and battery improved.
Due to small size, these buds fits extremely well, and numerous sizes of silicon and comply tips provide maximum noise isolation and comfort.

Jaybird also offering a personalized sounds app, so you can customize the earbuds sound, according to your need and save it later as a profile.

The Jaybird X3 is available in four colors, ie. Alpha green, Blackout, RoadRash Red and Sparta White.

We have just a single issue with this gadget, NFC feature is missing because in this price-range this feature should be included.

Overall the jaybird X3 is the value for money wireless earphones. Which sounds fantastic and easy to carry.

These earbuds are also a good choice for the runner after Bose SoundSport. And they slightly cost lower without compromising the sound quality.

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+ Perfect fitting

+ Available in four colors

+ Good for the runner

+ Amazing sound quality

+ Personalisation app available

+ Small earbuds

+ Very comfortable



Comes without carrying pouch

4. VAVA MOOV 28 (Best Wireless Earphone around 50$)

Many of our readers mailed us, that we focus on only high price products, so that’s why we have listed some low price products also.

The VAVA MOOV 28 is one of the most affordable earbuds which offers great features.

So, let’s find what is special in this wireless earbuds.

The VAVA MOOV 28 is designed with an angle ear tip which reaches deeper into the ear and fit best. And IPX6 splashproof and internal nanocoating design, makes it usable under light rain also.

Moreover, these earbuds come with an Aluminum design and the built-in magnet, which allows you to lock the headphones around your neck.which is yet secure way to carry. Additionally, these earbuds come with multiple size earbuds and ear hooks which will make fitting more accurate.

The VAVA did a great job in the term of battery backup. The vava moov 28 is powered by the large capacity battery, which streams music up to 9 hours. In this price range, that’s unbelievable.

with aptX stereo sound quality and CVC 6.0 Noise-canceling mic, VAVA’s work is commendable.

Final words

The VAVA MOOV 28 is the perfect package of stunning design, decent battery life and ok sound quality in the cheapest price range.

If you are looking for sports earbuds in the low price range with maximum feature and hassle-free listening experience then VAVA MOOV 28 may be your next wireless earphone.

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+ Aluminium design

+ Magnetic earpiece

+ Angular tip

+ IPX6

+ Bluetooth 4.2

+ 9 Hours battery backup

+ Carrying pouch

+ Aptx stereo


No noise canceling

5. Sony MDR-XB50BS (Bluetooth Earphone with Good Bass)

In our list, next device is from Sony.

According to name, Sony Extra Bass Bluetooth Headphones accompanies nice bass.

The Sony Extra Bass Bluetooth Headphones is bolstered with NFC, which gives one-touch pairing.

This wireless earbud comes with wonderful battery life which can play music for up to 8.5 hours, it varies according to sound level.

Splash proof design makes it wearable in rain or sweat.

its likewise comes in three hues, black, blue and red. You can pick the shading as per your decision.

There is just a single disadvantage is this comes kinda huge size, it can feel awkward for some individual.

After testing its bass quality, I would like to say.

If you are listening to music with somewhat full sound then you don’t need noise cancelation.
The vocals are very crisp and clear with highs that don’t really distort at all even at max volume. The sound is better than most headphones in general, especially for this price.

The Sony Extra Bass wireless earbuds is a mid-range device, which delivers amazing quality bass.

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+ Great bass

+ Good battery life

+ Multiple colors available

+ NFC one-touch pairing

+ Splash-proof IPX4 rated


Big earpiece

6. Samsung Level U Pro (Only earbuds with magnetic sensor)

It’s always nice to see, Every OEM adds numerous items in their category, to reach out to the different age’s customers.
Samsung launch an earphone called the Samsung level u pro.

there are a lot of good things and bad things.

For a starter, they are following the neckband style of design that take too much space, however flexible urethane joints, and lightweight design makes it feels very comfortable.

You can wear it very long time without having the little bit problem.

the neckband is designed to give you a decent amount of vibration whenever a notification is coming.

Samsung level u pro provides amazing calling quality and predominant sound.

the device is not top of the sounding but you’re getting a decent deal with the money you’re spending.

with magnet sensor, you can accept/reject calls or pause/resume music without touch any button.

If you hang earbuds then the magnetic sensor will pause the music or disconnect the call, if the call is happening.

and if you plug in the ear, then music will auto play or call will accept. Is this not the kind of cool and different feature?

Finally, the Samsung Level U Pro is a good wireless earphone for the price you’re paying.

however, you are not getting high-end sound quality but considering their value and cost you just can’t pass the deal.

Samsung Level U Pro is a good wireless earphone, equipped with balance features and performance.

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+ Good looking

+ Magnetic sensor

+ Notification vibration

+ Very easy to use

+ Good noise cancelation

+ Sweat proof design

+ Flexible Urethane Joints body


Somewhat heavy

7. SENSO (Best Bluetooth Headphones under 50$)

Next up, we are looking at something different. On our website, people have complained that we always look at high-end stuff and end up missing out on some oriented high-value products.

So we decided to listen and select extremely budget friendly SENSO Bluetooth Headphones.

It is also offering decent battery life up to 8 hours, which quick charge within 1.50 hours.

the best thing about SENSO Bluetooth earbuds is it provides true HD high fidelity sound with deep bass and crystal clear treble.

With gel flex silicone earbuds the Senso Secure fit in the ear and also designed with the IPX7 rating, this is Icing on the cake.

Honestly, you are not getting sound like premium headphone but, trust me in this price range you are getting more than enough.

We don’t have any major problem with this device. The device is IPX7 certified have excellent noise cancellation, top sound quality and comfortable too. In this price range, Senso has done a great job.

Senso Bluetooth Headphones is an extremely budget-friendly packet which accompanies some decent features, sweat proof, noise canceling.

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+ Ultra light-weight

+ 8-hour battery

+ Budget friendly

+ Best sound quality

+ IPX7 rating

+ Quick charging


Big earbuds may be a problem  for                  some user

8. Anker Sound Buds Life (Best Power Backup Earbuds)

Did you see that in our rundowns there no headphone like, that is having great battery life?

As you probably are aware Anker brands are notable for making top power banks and diverse kinds of the adaptor.

What’s more, Anker additionally launches his wireless earphone named Anker sound buds Life.

As per its name, Anker sound buds is stacked with huge battery life up to 20 hours, on the off chance that you are tuning in on low volume then it will go to beyond 1 day.

These earbuds are certified with the IPX5 rating and having active noise canceling.

The Anker sound buds are outlined with thin silicon, it accompanies diverse kinds of ear tips. And these earbuds magnetically clip together, which makes it easy to tangle-free storage.

we don’t have any obnoxious things about it, Anker wireless earbuds are having the clean clutter-free design, easy button control, sweat proofing and massive battery life, which justify its price.

finally, Anker sound buds are the king of best battery life on our list, which deliver the longest time playback.

Anker Sound Buds Life is the good earphone with decent sound, sweat proofing, and whole day battery life. If you are looking for good battery life earphone then these earbuds may be your next listening device.

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+ clean looks

+ Magnetic tip earphone

+ Best battery life

+ Good sound quality

+ IPX5 rating

+ Silicon design


Material quality may be improved

9. LG Electronics Tone Pro

It’s always nice to see companies always works hard to seek the alternative way to reach out to their customers.

LG also launched wireless headphones named the LG Tone Pro. We are very excited to review this product, see how they work.

The Lg tone Pro is powered by the large capacity battery which provides playback up to 10.5 and talks time up to 16 hours. This unit fully charges less than in 2 hours.

Because of its big size battery, it comes in neckband shape, and earphone comes out of it.

All controls are placed on neckband and its also equipped with a vibrator which alerts on every new notification.

This wireless earbuds support Bluetooth 4.1 and aptX technology which provides outstanding sound quality to make your listening smoother.

If you have used the previous version LG TONE TRIUMPH then there is a huge improvement in sound and battery backup.

Due to its neckband design, these earbuds may look weird for some user, otherwise  LG Tone Pro is a powerful good wireless earphone. we don’t have any technical problem with this unit with respect to its price.

LG Tone Pro is a good wireless earphone with incredible battery life and wonderful sound quality, you are getting as much feature, that’s you are paying.

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+ Stunning sound quality

+ Apt x supported

+ Notification vibrator

+ Top battery life

+ Short charging time


Traditional neckband design  may not good for some user

10. ZNT AirFits (Best True Wireless Earphone Under 100$)

We have listed 9 handpicked wireless earbuds above and we are looking for something unique.

But, there is no one headphone in our list, which is totally wire-free?
And, after reviewing many wireless earbuds. We have selected ZNT AirFits Earbuds for filling this gap.

Why we selected this device?

First of all, the price of this device is totally affordable when compared to its true wireless rivals.

In this post, we have selected only the budget-friendly true wireless earbuds. however in the market, there are lots of top earbuds available, but we will talk about them later in the separate post.

These true wireless earphones come with multisize ear tips, so they allow the earphones to fit well in your ear.

We have tested this device and this device really beyond our expectation.
So, what we have found?

This device is truly wireless and fits so well in the ears, and delivers awesome audio.

ZNT AirFits True Wireless Earphone provides up to 3.5 hours of playtime on the single charge, you can extend it up to 12 hours with provided charging case. And this battery backup is acceptable in this price range and earbuds size.

Moreover, If you are an iPhone user then you can activate Siri and take advantage of that. And while you are not listening to music then Left earbud can be used individually for playback or calls.

I am very impressed with the ease of using. You just open the earbud charging case and plug these buds in the ear and you are ready to go.

We have tested several true wireless earbuds. And this units delivers real quality sound in the affordable price tag. If you are searching for true wireless earbuds beneath 100$ then ZNT AirFits is recommended.

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+ Truly wireless design

+ Secure fit in the ear

+ Siri can be activated via touch

+ Left earbud can be used individually

+ Tangle-free

+ Comes with charging case


Somewhat less backup time

Best Wireless Earphones – Buyer’s Guide

Many peoples say that there is no real benefit of wireless earbuds.

Yes, I can agree with that, The sound quality of wired headphone is a lot better than wireless. But wireless earphones are totally useless, this statement is also severely wrong.

Because wireless earbuds and headphones used to suffer from a lot of problems in the past, but they have become comparatively better in the modern-day and age.

We have several latest technology, which provides great improvement in our wireless devices, like Energy-efficient Bluetooth standards, Aptx, and active noise cancellation.

Seriously, wireless audio equipment is a lot closer to their wired counterpart than it used to be in the old days.

I will aware you from that why wireless earbuds aren’t terrible. So, I am listing some advantages of the wireless earbuds, that will help you to familiar with wireless devices.

Sweat proofing
Active Noise Cancelation
Sweat proofing

Studies have shown that the average person sweats 24.7 to 47.3 oz during exercise. So you should be aware that all wireless earbuds not sweatproof and waterproof. Some brand claims falsely that their products are sweatproof and waterproof.

Most people don’t know that there is international industry rating, which indicates the product is really sweatproof or water resistance.

When purchasing a wireless earbud you should look for IPX rating which indicates that which level of protection is applied to product against the intrusion of dust and water.

So which rating is the best when choosing wireless earphone.

Normally, IPX4 is an ideal rating for swat proofing but if you do long distance running or enjoy the heavy workout, then you should choose nanocoated headphone. That’s IPX7.


Honestly, wired earbuds are also easy to carry. However, The main thing is which makes wireless earbuds different from wired is wireless earbuds don’t have any cables.

You will get a small wire in wireless earbuds and this small wire also disappeared in, if we talk about truly wireless earbuds.

But the main advantage of wireless earbuds is, you will be free from tension of the tangled cable and will get the ease of access, which causes by many folds.

You can carry a pair of wireless earbuds easily in the pocket, However wired headphone may get tangled.

These little bits of the line may clear your vision with respect to the usual difference between wired and wireless earbuds.

Active Noise Cancelation

active noise cancelationNoise cancelation or active noise cancellation feature is also a recommended one when choosing a pair of wireless earbuds.

the active noise cancellation device detects ambient sounds around the use and creates a type of anti-noise. This anti-noise with the help of destructive interference cancels out any exterior sound.

If you will listen to music compared to without active noise cancellation earbuds, then you will get the more clear sound which will be noise free.

This feature is most recommended for the people who want immersive music experience without the hassle of noise.

Now you have taken a look at all main advantages of being the owner of wireless earbuds. Next, we are providing some keys which should keep in mind when choosing a pair of yours.

Comfort and Fitting
Battery Life
Active Noise Cancelation
Comfort and Fitting

When choosing a wireless earphone,  the most important thing is that you should look for maximum comfort and perfect fitting.

Most earbuds come with multiple size ear tips or the different type of material, the good thing is that you can find the right fit for you.

For maximum comfort level product should be lightweight as much as possible. Because you can wear it for a long time without the problem.

When you’re looking for earbuds first look for reviews with the comfort level priority. If they are not comfortable please don’t buy them.

Battery Life

wireless earbuds battery backup

There are many brands which are offering good battery life wireless earbuds. This battery life varies according to design and size.

Mostly earbuds with neckband design are having good battery life because there is a lot of space for battery housing. In small earbuds this space reduces but they are more comfortable.

If you are looking for good battery life earbuds then, you can choose neckband design wireless earbuds or at least you’re aware of these things when going to purchasing a wireless earphone yourself.

Active Noise Cancelation

active noise cancelation This is feature somewhat available in most of the wired earbuds, active noise cancellation is one of the main features which should keep in mind when choosing the wireless earphone.

Active noise cancellation device detects the surround sound which falls ambiently on the microphone and creates an anti-noise type which cancels out the exterior sound via destructive interferences. And you will get immersive music listening experience.


when choosing a pair of wireless earphone you are spending a lot of money, so make sure the device is you are going to purchase is equipped with latest technologies which can help you enhance your listening experience.

If you’re not aware, which technology should you keep in mind when purchasing Bluetooth wireless earbuds.

Let’s check out here.

Bluetooth Version:- First thing you should keep in mind that is Bluetooth version. I suggest you make sure you wireless earbuds is having the latest version of Bluetooth.

There are lots of advantage when choosing a latest Bluetooth version.

For example:– In Bluetooth version 2.0 you were not getting an auto-connecting feature However we are currently on Bluetooth 5.0 which contains good battery conservation and lots of improvement like above.

However, Bluetooth 5.0 is only available in few devices till now. By the way, choosing the latest version of Bluetooth is recommended.

aptx:- aptx is a modern audio codec compression by Qualcomm, many people don’t know that with this feature your wireless device will provide smooth listening experience even for large files. Because Bluetooth is not as much fast enough in term of compression.


After all, we have discussed many different types of Bluetooth earbuds and every pair of earbuds is having its own distinct quality, features, performances, and prices.

Some of them are cheaper and costlier. Some of them provide great bass, on the other hand, some were good at battery backup.

If you think that, we have forget to include other best rated wireless earbuds for running, please let us know in the comment without hesitation.

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