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If you are a nurse, doctor or potential physicians and you have some degree of hearing loss, then you definitely know, how challenging is that. Because you always want to measure the standard metrics despite hard of hearing.

Whether you have hearing aids like a cochlear implant or not, using a stethoscope can be challenging.

best stethoscope for nurses hard of hearing

That’s why we have created this guide for the best stethoscope for nurses hard of hearing. In this guide, you will find exactly which stethoscope is the best and what are the important things that should consider before choosing.

Stethoscopes are used for hearing the sound of the internal organ of the human body like heart, and lungs. And they help to detect any malfunctioning of the organs that might cause any health problem. 

Nurses also use the stethoscopes when counting pulse or checking blood pressure. As you can see, you need a stethoscope as long as you are in the healthcare profession, and hearing loss can’t stop you doing this amazing work. 

But what if you have a severe hearing problem? Can a stethoscope be used with cochlear implants or the hearing aids?

Stethoscopes for hearing impaired doctors offer some options and these options depend on many factors, including: 

  1. If you are using a hearing aid and want to continue using it with your stethoscope, then it is possible. However, your hearing aid might need to be custom designed. 
  1. The type of hearing aid that you have: There are mainly four types of hearing aids mBTE, BTE, ITE, and IIC. 
  1. What features does your hearing aid have? The feature can include DNR, Telecoil, streamer, and others.

 To evaluate the patients’ needs, the audiologist looks at these features.

So, which is the best stethoscope for hearing impaired nurses or doctors? 

Well, this is a really hard query, because there is no perfect stethoscope available that can address all your concerns. Therefore, look for one device that meets most of your requirements. 

There are some crucial things, identified by the Association of Medical professionals with hearing loss, which you should keep in mind to use the stethoscope effectively. 

Some hearing aids and amplifiers have the capability to boost the frequency and reducing background noise. On the other hand, some gadgets like the cochlear implant have the feature of increasing the sound with reducing background noise. 

I also want to tell you, using the amplified stethoscope will make auscultation perfect, there is no 100% guarantee. However, it is the best option for doctors with bad hearing.

If you don’t want to auscultate with a hearing implant, there are other alternatives are available, and they are highly efficient too. 

  1. You can choose an amplified stethoscope with earpieces. 
  1. The tips of the conventional stethoscope’s listening end could be replaced with the tips of stethomate. 
  2. Purchase custom-designed ear molds that interface perfectly between the stethoscope CICs and the earpiece.

Most of the amplified stethoscopes are specially made for doctors that have very low degree of hearing loss and they don’t need hearing aids. If you are already using a hearing aid or going to use one soon then amplified stethoscope will not work for you. 

However, if you have the normal hearing loss, then you are not prohibited from using amplified stethoscopes. In this case, the amplification will be boosted beyond the normal, even they are perfectly usable in extremely loud or busy environments.

Now check out our recommendation for the best stethoscope for nurses hard of hearing.

Table of Best Stethoscope for Nurses Hard of Hearing

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5 Hours/Charge




9 Hours/ Charge





Best Stethoscope for Nurses Hard of Hearing – Reviews

Thinklabs One Digital Stethoscope review

Thinklabs One Digital is the best digital stethoscope for hearing impaired doctor or nurses without any doubt. The best thing about this device is that it is usable in both situations, whether you are using any types of hearing aids or not.

According to the manufacturer, this portable stethoscope is capable to amplify the sound up to 100 times. And it allows you to connect high-quality 3.5mm jack-based headphones, to provide better sound quality and more comfort, however, the included headphones are good and they work well. Moreover, you are free to adjust the range of frequency that you hearing and frequency response can be adjusted by changing the pressure over the diaphragm. You will feel like that you are using a super-sensitive instrument. Additionally, the inbuilt Thinklink app allows you to connect this stethoscope with your iPhone, Android, iPad or MAC/PC, so you can send or capture the sound between them.

Thinklabs One Digital Stethoscope

In the box, Thinklabs includes a studio quality headphone, they offer the excellent bass for heart sound and crystal-clear treble base for music enjoyment. Thanks to its dedicated headphone amplifier which have sufficient power to drive low-impedance audio headphones producing 45.2mWatts, and that is another great thing for this little gadget. 

For hearing aids and Cochlear Implants user:

As we said earlier, this device provides universal compatibility. For those who use the hearing aids, the Thinklabs is compatible with the hearing aid and Cochlear implants streamers, so you can send audio directly to your listening gadgets. If your hearing gadgets don’t support this streaming feature, you can simply use an over the ear headphone and that works just great. 

The Thinklabs One Digital is the best stethoscope for nurses hard of hearing. This device offers 100x sound amplification, simple easy to use interface, headphone adaptability and it is compatible with the hearing aids and Cochlear Implants.

Eko Digital Stethoscope review

Eko digital Stethoscope is a great choice for those who don’t use the hearing aids. This device provides 40 times sound amplification and reduces the ambient noise. This amplified stethoscope offers a digital-analog toggle feature, which allows you to use your stethoscope even when this unit is turned off.

Like Thinklabs One, the Eko stethoscope also comes also supports the mobile connectivity, this app is available for both platforms – Android and iOS. Moreover, this device is rechargeable, and that can last up to 9 hours with a single charge.

Here is another interesting thing about this device: if you don’t want to replace your previous stethoscope then you can purchase only the attachment and that will fit easily and will do the same work. This way you can save your hard-earned around 100$.

Overall, the Eko digital stethoscope is a great choice for those doctors or nurses, who don’t use the hearing aids and having less degree of hearing loss.

Cardionics E-Scope 7700 review

Cardionics E-Scope 7700 is another amplified stethoscope which supports the external headphones. That’s why it is also useful for hearing aids users. This lightweight stethoscope is capable to amplify the sound up to 30 times.

The designing of this unit is really interesting, on the digraph, there are some buttons are provided, those are very convenient for changing the volume, heart sound or breath sound. Moreover, when this device is not being used, you can easily hang around your neck.

Thinklabs One and Cardionics E-Scope 7700 both are compatible with custom headphones, but Cardionics E-Scope having some low amplification power. However, it is still a great choice for partial hearing loss.

Wrapping it up

The Thinklabs One is the best stethoscope for hard of hearing, which is compatible with hearing aids too. You can use it with hearing streamers or by plugging your favorite high-quality headphone, it will work well. However, if you don’t use any types of hearing gadgets then Eko is also a great choice in the affordable price, even you can purchase the attachment separately to save more dollar by upgrading your old stethoscope.

Lastly, no one gadget is perfect that check all of requirements boxes. However, the amplified stethoscopes are still a great option for hearing challenged doctors or nurses.

If you have any questions regarding these digital stethoscopes, then simply leave a comment for me below, I’ll back to you quickly.

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