Best Tablets for PDF Reading in 2022 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

By: Nootan Kumar

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Nowadays, smartphone and tablets can do everything, that we can imagine, but why we need to look for the best tablets for pdf reading?

PDF is one of the most popular printable document formats, and it is widely used nowadays.

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In facts, there is no wonder that if you will point out your finger toward any tablet it will probably capable to read a pdf file because the technology has been drastically evolved after some decades. But all of the tablets can’t provide a good reading experience, and also you have to admit that.

There are many factors which affect the overall reading experience, especially if you’re a marathon reader then you definitely need to think about it. For example, an inappropriate display quality, or poor brightness can cause eye fatigue or strain. That’s why it’s not only about the find the best pdf compatible tablet, you have to think about the health as well.

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In this post, I will discuss all the features that you need to look into when purchasing the best tablets or E-reader in 2022, and you’ll get my hand-picked recommendations.

After researching over 39+ hours and comparing over 23+ tablets and E-readers, I have come up with a solid list of best tablets for eBook reading along with PDF support. If you are in hurry, you can check out my recommendations first, however, if you want to read the buyer’s guide you can go to by scrolling to the bottom or clicking through the content link.

So here is my list for the top-rated tablets and E-reader in 2022.


Top Rated Tablets for PDF and eBook Reading in 2022

Kindle Paperwhite
  • 1.32 lbs
  • 6-inch, 300 PPI
  • 512 MB, 4 GB
  • 6 weeks of backup
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Kindle Oasis E-reader

Recommended in E-Ink

  • 1.23 lbs
  • 7-inch, 300 PPI
  • 512 MB, 32 GB
  • 6 weeks of backup
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BOOX Note Ereader
  • 1.5 lbs
  • 10.1-inch, 1872 x 1404
  • 2 GB, 32 GB
  • 1 month of backup
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Sony DPT-RP1/B

Premium Choice in E-Ink

  • 1.1 lbs
  • 13.3-inch, 1650 x 2200
  • 2 GB, 16 GB
  • 3 weeks of backup
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Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7
  • 1.06 lbs
  • 7-inch, 1280 x 800
  • 1.5 GB, 8 GB
  • 11 hours of backup
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Fire HD 10
  • 1.03 lbs
  • 10.1-inch, 1920 x 1080
  • 2 GB, 32/64 GB
  • 10 hours of backup
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Apple iPad Mini 4
  • 1.06 lbs
  • 7.9-inch,  2048 x 1536
  • 2 GB, 128 GB
  • 10 hours of backup
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Samsung Galaxy Tab S4

Editor’s Choice for Android

  • 1.03 lbs
  • 10.5 -inch, 2560 x 1600
  • 4 GB, 64/256 GB
  • 16 hours of backup
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Apple iPad Pro

Most Premium Choice

  • 1.73 lbs
  • 11-inch, 2388 x 1668
  • 4 GB, 64 GB – 1TB
  • 10 hours of backup
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Best Tablets and E-readers in 2022 – Reviews

Best E-Ink Based E-readers and Tablets for PDF reading

As I said in the buyer’s guide section, the E-Ink display is the best when it comes to view angle, contrast ratio, and glare-free reading. There is no other display with can compete with the E-Ink displays, in terms of convenience, especially if you enjoy longer reading.

You won’t face any eye fatigue or stress. But it doesn’t support colors; therefore, you have to satisfy with the black and white panel. Despite the black and white screen, the E-Ink displays are expensive than other display. If you’re looking for a cheap tablet or not interested in black and white screen, you can skip this section. Because, in this section, I will only discuss the E-Ink based E-readers only.

 1. Kindle Paperwhite (Most Popular and Affordable E-Reader)

0.35 lbs | 6-inch | E-Ink | 300 PPI | 4 GB | 6-weeks | Wi-Fi

Whenever we talk about the E-readers the Amazon brand instantly comes in the mind, because they have earned a reputation among users. Amazon is one of the most popular brands which is well known for providing high-quality tablets and E-readers at the most affordable price.

The Kindle Paperwhite is one of the most successful products of Amazon, which is currently being used by millions of people over worldwide, even its product page on Amazon has more than 45000 reviews which proves its popularity.

First of all, the Kindle Paperwhite supports a wide range of content formats including PDF like kindle format 8 (AZW3), TXT, unprotected MOBI, Kindle (AZW), HTML DOC, DOCX etc. As you know, it comes with a 6-inch E-Ink display with high resolution, which is having 300 PPI pixel density. Moreover, the display is totally glare-free and provide convenient reading even in bright sunlight.

For the connectivity consideration, this device features Wi-Fi connectivity, so you can download your favorite E-Book without any hassle. And with the 4 GB storage capacity you can store thousands of books.

The great thing about the E-Ink technology powered device is that they consume less power. The Kindle Paperwhite is a great example of that, this device can last up to six weeks from the 3 hours of single charge.

Overall, the Kindle Paperwhite is one of the most affordable E-readers which is offering brilliant battery life, lightweight design, and high-resolution E-Ink display.

However, the screen size is a bit small, if you’re looking for something bigger then continue reading below.

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  • Most affordable price
  • Lightweight and slim design easy to carry
  • Amazing E-Ink display for glare-free and smoother reading experience
  • Longer battery life
  • Inbuilt 4GB memory can store thousands of books


  • Display size might be small for some users
  • Page turning buttons are not given

 2. Kindle Oasis (Overall Great Choice in E-Readers)

0.42 lbs | 7-inch | E-Ink | 300 PPI | 32 GB | 6-weeks | 4G LTE, Wi-Fi

The Kindle Oasis is the high-end model from Amazon’s Kindle tablet family which is offering all flagship feature. With the 7-inch higher resolution glare-free screen, Audible support, big storage capacity, Wi-Fi   4G LTE connectivity, and waterproof design it could be a perfect choice. However, if you need even bigger display then you can check out our other tablets below, but personally, it is my most favorite tablet for E-book reading.

As I said above this E-reader is coming with a 7-inch high-resolution anti-glare E-Ink display, which is having the 300 PPI of pixel density. It means it will provide a real paper-like reading experience without any eye fatigue.

Comparatively to the previous Kindle tablet, it has a lot better build quality, and it is the first waterproof tablet from the Kindle series, which is having the IPX8 rating. Therefore, if you often read on your boat, the beach or in the swimming pool, you will definitely love this feature.

This Kindle Oasis is now available in Graphite or Champagne Gold colors also, you can pick according to your style. Moreover, with the audible feature, you can listen to audiobooks without the need to read a single character. The storage capacity has been extended in this version, you will get 32 GB of storage options, and it will allow you to hold more magazines, comics, newspapers, and audiobooks.

If you’re planning to gift it for your child, there are many other extra features available like parental control, vocabulary builder, reading goal and many more.

Like Kindle Paperwhite this E-reader also offering six weeks of running power from a single charge. In facts, the Kindle Oasis has something high price, but if we consider the features and brand value it is totally justified.

Overall, if you’re looking for a reading-oriented tablet, then do me a favor, pick a unit of Kindle Oasis today. It is one of the best tablets for eBook reading of 2022 in every aspect, whether we talk about the display quality, durability, or battery life.

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  • Outstanding display quality with glare-free E-Ink panel like a real paper
  • Audible support provides an amazing experience of E-Book reading
  • Longer battery life with six weeks of backup
  • Durable, lightweight and waterproof design
  • Bigger storage capacity
  • Wi-Fi and LTE enables ensures the flexibility user experience


  • Screen size might be small for some users
  • Only black and white display

 3. BOOX Note (Bigger Android E-reader with Google Play)

0.71 lbs | 10-inch | E-Ink | 1872×1404 | 2 GB | 32 GB | 4100mAh | Wi-Fi

However, we have two amazing E-readers above with great features and lower price, but some user prefers big displays which provides an even better reading experience with more freedom. Also, with the bigger tablet, you can do some other task like, taking notes or drawing, however, some exceptions are there, but the BOOX Note is not from them. Yes, the BOOX Note Ereader is offering the 10-inch E-inch screen and stylus which allow to draw along with fantastic eBook reading experience.

The most important thing about the BOOX Note is, it is based on the Android OS and support 2.0 Google Play Store. Therefore, it has opened lots of opportunity for doing more with your E-reader. Moreover, with the double page layout feature, you can open your eBook on one side and notes-taking app on the other side. This way you can jot down notes on each page and save them.

Now let’s talk about the Stylus, like Wacom company, the BOOX is also offering an EMR stylus. Therefore, you don’t need to charge it ever. Moreover, with the 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity, it can provide a professional’s level drawing capability.

From the performance aspect, this tablet has better hardware, with the 1.6 GHz processor, 2GB of RAM, and 32 GB of storage capacity it can provide a smoother user experience. Additionally, this tablet supports the latest connectivity standard USB Type-C, which can provide a fast data transfer and charging speed.

The main advantage of having big screen E-Reader is, you can read the bigger document easily even without zooming. In terms of compatibility, this E-Reader supports a wide range of popular file extensions like pdf, epub, mobi, doc, and txt etc.

If you also tend to bit toward drawing along with reading, the BOOX Note could be a fantastic choice, which is offering good performance, bigger high-resolution screen, highly sensitive EMR stylus, longer battery life, and lightweight design.

The 10-inch screen is a quite big option to do almost everything, however, if you need an even bigger display then don’t forget to check out its big version BOOX Max2 Ereader, which is a flagship model from BOOX company and offers maximum features.

View at Amazon


  • Bigger E-Ink display with 1872×1404 resolution provides ease of reading and drawing
  • Highly sensitivity EMR stylus with 4096 levels
  • Android 6.0 with 2.0 Google Play support
  • Great performance with 1.6 GHz processor and 2GB of RAM
  • Longer battery life and USB Type-C enabled
  • Seamless wireless connectivity to download your favorite book and apps
  • Lightweight and slim design


  • Very expensive not suitable for all
  • Black and white display only due to E-Ink panel

 4. Sony DPT-RP1/B (Most Premium and Expensive E-reader for 2022)

0.77 lbs | 13.3-inch | E-Ink | 1650 x 2200 | 2 GB | 16 GB | 3-weeks | Wi-Fi | Android 6.0

There no doubt, that there is a lack of E-Ink displays on the market today, that’s why the E-Ink display based devices are very expensive whether we talk about the tablets or monitors.

The Sony DPT-RP1/B is one of the most expensive E-Readers nowadays, however, it is offering many outstanding features which you might rarely find in any E-reader.

First and foremost, it is probably the world’s thinnest, lightest letter-size tablet device which is thicker as 30 sheets of paper. Moreover, due to its realistic E-ink display and highest sensitive stylus, you might even forget sometime that you’re writing or drawing on a digital screen. I think it is a big success for technology and Sony company, they have brought this amazing technology into our daily life.

The credit for so realistic paper-like display quality also goes to the high contrast ratio and glare-free technology, it won’t let you feel that you’re not using a paper.

As I said in the buyer’s guide section, the E-ink displays are very energy efficient; therefore, despite the biggest screen size, this Sony tablet can run up to three weeks with a single charge.

With the 16GB of internal storage, you can store approximately 10,000 PDF file. Additionally, for transferring data there are three options are USB, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Overall the Sony DPT-RP1/B is the most expensive tablet for PDF or other eBooks reading, which is offering an exceptional quality E-Ink display with the lightest and thinnest design.

You can also call it as the most extravagant digital paper of 2022, which can store thousands sheet of eBooks within its only 30 paper-sheets thicker body.

View at Amazon


  • Probably the world’s thinnest and lightest E-reader
  • The most realistic paper-like display provides a smoothest drawing and reading experience
  • Easy data transfer with USB, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Longer battery life can last up to three weeks


  • Highly expensive
  • Only support black and white colors

Best IPS and AMOLED Display Based Tablets for eBook Reading

As you know, the E-Ink display can’t represent colors, and if you’re going to use your tablet for more than just PDF or eBooks reading then it becomes necessary to think about the other display technology. Besides the E-Ink display, the IPS and AMOLED displays are commonly being used in most of the tablets nowadays.

Honestly, after spending a lot of money on an expensive E-Ink tablet it won’t hug off to compromise with the black and white colors. However, despite no color support many professional artists and musicians still use these E-Ink tablets.

So, let’s have a look at my top-rated tablets for reading in 2022.

 5. Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 (Most Affordable Tablet for Reading in 2022)

0.62 lbs | 7-inch | IPS | 1280 x 800 |  1.5 GB | 8 GB | 11-hours | Wi-Fi | Android 6.0

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A is the most inexpensive tablet of my list which is offering a 7-inch HD IPS display. With the Android 5.1, 1.5GB RAM and 8GB of storage capacity, it could be a nice choice for your reading hobby.

Under the hood, this unit is powered by 1.3 Ghz mobile processor and 1.5GB of DDR3 RAM, which can deliver a justified performance. Moreover, you will get inbuilt 8 GB of capacity, which is further expandable using the microSD card.

The 1.3 GHz processor, 1.5 GB of RAM, 8GB of storage and 7″ big HD display and it’s all comes within 150$, it’s really appreciable. However, it can’t be used for complex applications, like drawing or multitasking.

This device running on Android OS; therefore, there is no problem with the apps and compatibility, tons of E-reader apps are available to make your life easier. Moreover 10 hours battery backup on mix usage is not bad for this cheap buddy.

If you don’t want to spend too much on a reading tablet, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 is a considerable option, which is offering a good display quality with long battery life.

View at Amazon


  • Very affordable price
  • Good battery life with Wi-Fi compatibility
  • With the Android environment, there are lots of Ereader apps can work with it


  • Poor build quality and average performance
  • Small screen might not suitable for all users

 6. Fire HD 10 (Best Budget IPS Tablet for eBook Reading)

1.10 lbs | 10.1-inch | IPS | 1920 x 1200 | 2 GB | 32/64 GB | 10 hours | Wi-Fi | FireOS 10

If you don’t want to spend higher on your reading tablet the Fire HD 10 could be the best bet for you. Besides a convenience reading, this tablet can be used for many other tasks like browsing, gaming, or movie watching, within the 150$ price it is really a steal-like.

First of all, the Fire HD 10 if offering a 10.1-inch IPS display with full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution, which provides a bigger area to read conveniently and watching movies.

In the performance aspect, this tablet is coming with a Quad-core processor and 2GB of RAM, which is sufficient for seamless reading and some other tasks. Moreover, it is available in two variants 32GB and 64GB, you can pick according to your choice.

As I said about the movies watching, besides a great display quality, you will be also getting an inbuilt stereo speaker system with Dolby Atmos support which will prove that statement.

With the Android-based Fire OS, this tablet supports most of the Android apps, it means it will be compatible with almost all types of eBook files. Moreover, with Amazon services, you can enjoy millions of movies, eBooks, Magazines, games, magazines, and TV shows.

Overall, the Fire HD 10 is a balanced tablet at a very affordable price which can be used for eBook reading, browsing or watching videos.

View at Amazon


  • Very affordable price
  • Big IPS screen with full HD resolution provides good image quality
  • Long battery life
  • Good performance with a quad-core processor and 2GB RAM
  • Amazon Alexa support


  • Fire OS has many Preinstalled apps
  • Build quality could be better, however considering the price it is totally justified

 7. Apple iPad mini 4 (Most Affordable iOS Tablet for Reading)

0.65 lbs | 7.9-inch | IPS | 2048 x 1536 | 2 GB | 128 GB | 10-hours | 4G LTE + Wi-Fi | iOS 11

Apple is one of the tech giants, which is well-known for its quality, that’s why most of the people attract towards Apple’s products. In facts, their products are not for everyone because of the higher price. But after launching the latest iPad Pro and MacBook Pro this year the Apple iPad mini 4 price has been slashed, and it’s a great opportunity to buy an Apple device. However, if your budget is something higher, you can opt for the latest iPad Pro that I have reviewed below.

Despite a low price, this iPad Mini has many great features; therefore, it will be perfect for most of the tasks like reading, video watching, gaming or photo taking. The 7.9-inch retina display with 2048×1536 pixels of resolution can deliver an immersive viewing experience.

In terms of performance, this tablet is powered by Dual-Core A8 Chip with Quad-Core Graphics and 2GB of RAM, which is pretty amazing for iOS and ensures smooth performance. Moreover, for storage concern, there are multiple versions available, you can choose among 16GB, 64GB, and 128 GB as per your requirement. With the inbuilt Wi-Fi feature, you can download your favorite E-books, magazine or audible without any problem. Additionally, there is a Wi-Fi + Cellular variant is available, you can also choose it if you tend to travel a lot and need flexibility connectivity.

Because of the iOS environment, there are several apps available, which can support a wide range of content format including PDF.

As I said about you can also use it for photo taking, because this iPad is offering a back 8MP camera with the full HD recording capability and the front sensor is also capable of HD video recording.

The 10 hours of battery backup from 2 hours of single charge, it is really amazing for a high-performance device.

I don’t need to tell you about Apple’s device, that how reliable and durable they are, they can easily last most than 5 years with a straight-curve performance. Actually, it is a nice investment for your money rather than changing the cheaper devices every year, it

If you’re looking for a reliable and durable tablet for PDF, magazine or other eBooks reading, the iPad Mini could be a solid choice without trembling your bank account.

View at Amazon


  • Brilliant performance with bigger storage capacity
  • Amazing 7.9-inch Retina display with 2048 x 1536 pixels of resolution
  • Good battery life can last for a whole day
  • Solid build quality with beautiful design


  • The 128GB and Cellular variant is somewhat expensive
  • the 7.9-inch screen might be small for some users

 8. Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 (Overall Best Choice for Android Tablet)

1.06 lbs | 10.5-inch | Super AMOLED | 2560 x 1600 | 4 GB | 64 GB /256 GB | 16-hours | Wi-Fi | Android 8.0

I have also said in the buyer’s guide section, the IPS and AMOLED displays are the great choices for reading after E-Ink display. But, the E-Ink displays are not capable of colors, that’s why we are looking for other options.

The AMOLED display is a bit different than the IPS, it consumes less power and delivers higher brightness. Moreover, an AMOLED panel can achieve a high contrast ratio, which is one of the most important factors for image quality.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 which I am discussing here, has an improved version of AMOLED display, which is called super AMOLED. It is even better than the AMOLED display; therefore, it can deliver more crisp colors and accuracy in the image.

Actually, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is an improved version of Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 which is still a most popular tablet at some lower price. If your budget is something low you can check this out here.

The Tab S4 is coming with a 10.5″-inch Super AMOLED display which is having 2560 x 1600 pixels of resolution, it is quite amazing for convenient usage even in bright light. Moreover, with the Dolby Atmos feature, it can deliver a decent sound whether you’re watching movies, playing games, or listening to music.

The great feature about this latest tablet is, it can be converted into a full PC environment, you just need to connect it with DeX and keyboard cover. And, you don’t need to worry about the performance, because it is powered by a Snapdragon 835 processor, 4GB of RAM, and powerful Android Oreo OS. Moreover, it is available in two variant 64GB and 256GB you can choose according to your need.

Besides of immersive viewing display quality and high-performance, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 comes with an S Pen which allows to draw and taking notes on-the-go.

Unlike the all previous tablets, this tablet is offering the longest battery life with fast charging feature. It can last up to 16-hours with a single charge on video playback, which is pretty amazing.

Overall, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 is the best tablet Android tablet for reading magazines, comics, and eBooks in 2022, which can be also used for various tasks like notes taking, drawing, movies watching, or gaming.

In facts, it is a very expensive tablet; therefore, if you looking a tablet only for reading or within the budget price, you should scroll to up. Moreover, you can also check out its previous model Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 as well which is offering many great features at the affordable price.

View at Amazon


  • Big Super AMOLED display with 2560 x 1600 pixels of resolution ensures the outstanding image quality
  • Brilliant performance with Snapdragon 835 which one of the most energy-efficient and powerful mobile processors
  • Big memory allows multitasking and gaming
  • Can be used as a full PC with DeX and keyboard cover
  • Longest battery life with fast charging capability
  • Surround sound quality with Dolby Atmos technology
  • With included S Pen you can draw or take notes on-the-go


  • Price is not for everyone, especially the 256GB variant is very expensive
  • Keyboard cover need to be purchased separately

 9. Apple iPad Pro (Most Extravagant Tablet of 2022)

1.03 lbs | 11-inch | IPS | 2388 x 1668 | 4 GB | 64 GB – 1TB | 10-hours | 4G LTE + Wi-Fi | iOS12 | USB Type-C

If you’re looking for the most powerful tablet of 2022, the latest iPad Pro is the ultimate choice.

In facts, if you’re going to use your tablet only for reading or some usual task, you don’t need to spend on this tablet, there are lots of affordable options are out there, it is only recommended for power users. However, you can opt for the latest iPad which is also a premium choice without any premium price.

Well, let’ talk about the Latest iPad Pro. This year Apple has totally redesigned the iPad Pro, resulting it has been slimmer, more appealing, and powerful.

The 11-inch Liquid Retina display with highest color accuracy can deliver real life-like colors. Moreover, the A12X Bionic chip Neural Engine with 4GB RAM can deliver as much highest performance that any tablet hasn’t achieved in the tablet’s history. This year the iPad Pro is available up to 1TB storage capacity, so you won’t run out of storage ever.

The outstanding display quality with the highest color accuracy can provide real life-like colors; therefore, it will be convenient for reading.

Like the Samsung Tab S4, the iPad Pro can be also used as a notebook, you just need to connect the Smart Keyboard Folio, and you can type with like a Pro. Apart from that, Apple Pencil you can draw a masterpiece or take notes on-the-go with the highest-pressure sensitivity.

Another great thing about the latest iPad Pro is the camera quality, the 12MP camera can record 4K video with Smart HDR and AR capability. Moreover, the front camera is also great which supports, 4K video, Portrait mode, Animji, and Memoji and many other features.

This year Apple has finally has adopted the USB Type-C, which make it capable to connect with a wide range of gadgets.

Overall, the latest iPad Pro is the best tablet for eBook reading, drawing, gaming, browsing, photo taking or anything that you can imagine which a tablet can do.

However, it is the most expensive tablet nowadays, you can also try latest iPad which is also a great choice without spending an awful amount of money.

View at Amazon


  • Outstanding display quality with the highest color accuracy and brightness can deliver real life-like colors
  • Best performance with A12X Bionic chip and 4GB RAM
  • Most appealing and slim design with narrow bezel
  • Ultra-sensitive Apple Pencil for seamless drawing and notes taking
  • Can be used as a notebook
  • Highly secured tablet
  • USB Type-C enabled
  • Wonderful camera quality with 4K recording and other great features


  • Very expensive only recommended for peoples with deep pockets

Best Tablets for PDF Reading in 2022- Buyer’s Guide

As I said above, this section will help you to understand about important features of tablets and E-readers, so you can make a better decision.

Ok, what are the most important things that should consider before purchasing any E-Reader or Tablets for PDF reading?

Screen Type and Size

The E-Ink display is the most popular for reading and mostly found in the E-readers. The best thing about the E-Ink display is, it provides a smoother reading experience without any eye fatigue. You won’t get any glare on the display, it looks like a real paper. Even, some expensive models come without a display backlit so it feels more realistic like paper and needs an external light source to read it. On the other hand, some high-end model offers adjustable LED edge lighting.

The E-Ink display is the most recommended for Reading purpose because it is eye-friendly, but also keep in mind it is only available in black and white colors.

Further, the IPS display probably is a second great option if you choose a multimedia tablet. Unlike the E-Ink display, it supports colors, and you can also read magazines or comics. Therefore, if you’re going to use your tablet more than reading, then I don’t recommend to go with an E-readers.

Which size is good for PDF reading tablets?

First of all, I want to tell you PDF are meant to be read either on sheets of paper or full size when printing is 8.5″ x 11″. It means if you choose any tablets below 13.9″ diagonal display, then it will represent them smaller than intended.

But I personally don’t recommend the bigger tablets for reading purpose, because they are expensive, heavy and difficult to carry.

Then, which size is good enough?

According to my opinion, a tablet with 6″ to 10″ screen is good, because this size is quite enough to read an E-Book without the need of zooming and won’t shake your bank account as well.

Connectivity Options

As for connectivity concern, you can divide tablets/E-reader into two categories – Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi + cellular.

Then, which types of tablets/E-readers should I pick – Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi + cellular?

Wi-Fi only:

As per the name, these types of tablets/E-readers come with Wi-Fi only feature. It means, if you are outside and don’t have any Wi-Fi connectivity nearby, then you won’t able to download your books. But these tablets/ E-readers are affordable.

Wi-Fi + 3G:

These types of Reading device are expensive, but they provide freedom to download your favorite books from anywhere. And you don’t need to wait to go home or finding a hotspot.

Water Proofing

Should I choose a tablet/E-readers with waterproofing?

Well, this totally depends on your requirements, if you prefer to read in the pool or by the sea, then it is strongly recommended to go with a waterproof tablet.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to introduce your tablet with water droplets ever, then you don’t need to spend extra on it.


How much do you want to spend?

Well, for a text reading we, don’t recommend E-reader over 200$, and you can even find a better in this budget.

Amazon’s base model Kindle is coming under 100$ and for most people, it’s got all the features you’ll need.

While tablets are a totally different category of consumer electronics with higher prices, but there are still many good options for less than 200$.

However, if your budget is higher then, we have also listed some high-end big devices for reading.

Wrapping it up

I hope, you have already found out your best reading tablet till yet. Are you still thinking, which tablet would be perfect for you?

Let’s have a look:

First of all, if you’re a serious reader then I would like to recommend an E-Ink tablet for you, it will provide the highest convenience with longer battery life.

The Kindle Oasis is my best choice for a reading tablet. while if you have something lower budget, the Kindle Paperwhite might be a great deal for you.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for something bigger tablet the BOOX Note is a considerable option. While the Sony DPT-RP1 is the most premium E-reader which is offering top-notch feature with the slimmest and the lightest weight.

The second scenario, if you’ll use your tablet for many other tasks rather than just reading, then you can pick a multimedia tablet, which will come with either IPS or AMOLED display. Moreover, it is not limited to the black and white colors like the E-Ink displays.

If you need the most inexpensive tablet, you can choose between the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 and Fire HD 10, both are good. If you need a big display, you should choose Fire HD 10 tablet, and for portable size, the Tab A7 could be a nice choice.

For the mid-price range, the Apple iPad Mini 4 is the best option for reading which is offering all great feature without a premium price.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 is my best choice in the Android tablet, it is one of the most powerful tablets which can be used for multi-purpose, whether it’s about gaming, reading, drawing or notes taking.

And finally, the iPad Pro is the most premium tablet of our list, which has top-notch features and capability to handle almost all complicated task. However, it is the most expensive tablet of 2022 but it worth it when we consider its features.

What do you think about these tablets or have you any questions regarding them? Let me know in the comment below, I will back to you shortly.

Have a nice day, thank you very much for reading 🙂

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      First of all, sorry for the late reply. As per your question, IPS and Super AMOLED both are good, when it comes to just reading. Super AMOLED displays are much energy efficient and can deliver the best contrast ratio and highest brightness, which make them easier to read even in the bright lights like sunlight. While the IPS screen is well-known for the highest color accuracy and widest view angles.

      Besides display technologies, the display should be matte finish for better reading. I hope it’ll help you, thanks 🙂


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