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nootan kumar

Hi, welcome to my blog!

It’s my pleasure! that you become interested to know about me. 

My name is Nootan Kumar and I was born in 1994 in a village of Hathras district (India). My father is an electronics engineer.

That’s why I became curious about technology. I completed my school in 2010. Till then, I become popular in my friend circle for making many advanced electronic circuits and having some advance knowledge about the mobiles.

But the real twist came into my life when my father give me my first laptop that was Lenovo G560 (2010). However, I am still using that laptop as a secondary (I recently replace his motherboard and hard drive). That laptop was the entry point for me in the tech world, and my life completely changed. I learned a lot about electronics, as well as my curiosity and interest get boosted toward the computers and technology.

I completed my graduation (Science) from Agra University in 2013, then I went for computer engineering in New Delhi. After completing my engineering, I got my first job in a private company (Noida) as a computer engineer. Where I learned about the computers, laptops, printers, and many tech gadget’s troubleshooting and repairing up to chip level.

You know what that’s very funny, Now I can’t able to see any gadgets beauty, the things that I can only see, that is “internal circuit“.

Well, that was a really amazing experience, when I worked as a “chip level engineer“. Where I learned a lot about the computer gadgets and technology.

After that, I changed the job after two years, and I am currently working as a network engineer after getting my CISCO certification.

The idea about the 10hotdeals.com came into my mind when I was doing the discussion with my friend about the best drawing tablet. Actually, he wants to buy one, but not sure which one to pick. We searched in many stores to find the best drawing tablet and finally got a perfect one. During our research, we found many drawing tablets, some of them were junk and some were too expensive.

At the end of the day, I had a great idea for a blog. And after couples of days when I got some spare time then I started 10hotdeals.com. I started this blog to help people who are trying to finding the best products.

If you are one of them, you can check out my articles. I hope they will help you.

The 10 represent the products number, which I select for review, however, some of my readers send me personal requests for writing the specific article like “Best Laptops for Computer Science Majors” or “Best Wearable Fitness Tracker for Cycling“. And that articles don’t have 10 products, because of the proper addressing of the requirements.

10 Hot Deals

I want this blog to be the final destination for people making up their mind about picking the best product that fits their requirements. Whether it’s a new printer, a laptop, a gaming mouse, a projector, a camera or some other tech product.
I will provide unbiased reviews here on 10HotDeals.

If you want to support me then, you can do this indirectly by purchasing anything that you want on Amazon from here. And this will not cost you an extra penny.

Your purchase help supports my research effort and makes this site live.

I appreciate you!
Thank you very much for your support!

If you have any question or suggestion, you can contact me here.