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Nootan kumar

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My name is Nootan Kumar and I am the founder of the 10hotdeals.com. Formerly I worked as a computer hardware engineer where I have fixed thousands of hardware and software related problems of the computer, laptops, monitor, printers and other techs products. Also, I have experience up to chip-level of repairing. Currently, I am a Cisco Certified Network engineer and working for a Private company.

After getting some spare time, I have decided to start this blog (10hotdeals.com) – where 10 represent the binary number system, which is the base of storage, transfer, and manipulation in the computer system and digital electronic devices. In other words, this blog is dedicated to – what are the currently HotDeals about the tech and digital products on the market.

On this blog, I provide totally unbiased reviews about top-rated techs and products. In this mission, there are many friends from different study majors that help me from their experiences.

For example one of my Mechanical engineer friends recently published a guide about the best laptops for solid works, and there are many other articles from real experience you can find here.

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We only recommend those products which fit well with our quality criteria, and we personally like. We are solely independent and don’t provide any paid reviews.

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