Best Fish Finder in 2024 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

By: Nootan Kumar

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Have you ever experience fishing with the fish finders?

If yes, you definitely know how helpful are those devices. The best fish finder not only helps you to catch more fishes but also saves your lots of time.

The fish finder uses the sonar to send the radio waves (electromagnetic energy) into the water, and that waves reflect back to the sonar.

Based on these waves, the fish finder shows the internal structure of the water in the graphical and chart form. So, you get the idea about, where you can catch the more fishes.

Moreover, some devices provide some extra features like water temperature, 3D view, 360 Imaging, side imaging, dual beam, route plotting, wireless control and many more.

Best Fish Finder

But, before purchasing the best fish finder, we have to consider some factors like sonar frequency, depth capability, target separation, unit power, and many more, that will make your buying decision easier and effective.

We have compared the top ten GPS fish finder in this post, I hope this will help you to find your best fish finder.

 1. Humminbird HELIX 9 Sonar GPS (Fisherman’s Choice)

The Humminbird HELIX 9 fish finder is the best fish finder in our list, which features 9-inch color TFT display and the 800 x 480-pixel resolution.

This fish finder is having dual frequency supported sonar system and inbuilt GPS feature, which will show the real-time accurate data on the screen with chart plotting. The dual beam means you can use both frequencies at the same time, which will show you more detailed data.

This 1000-watt powerful unit can show the deeper data up to 1,500 ft. on the standard frequency, and 3,000 ft. on the 50Khz frequency. Which is quite impressive. But keep in mind that this deeper range can slightly decrease in the salt water.

Ok, let’s move to the next point. Like some other HELIX series fish finders, the sonar system of this unit is equipped with the temperature sensor. And this unit features temperature graph function which is very useful to track the data of the different water layers.

This best fish finder is capable of 50/83/200/455/800 kHz types of frequency. As we discussed above, with this device on the lowest frequency (50 Hz) you can achieve the deepest scan up to 3,000 ft. and on the other hand, this highest frequency (200 Hz) can perform better in shallow water. Additionally, you can use these both at the same time.

On the latest upgrade, the Humminbird HELIX 9 can supports side imaging, which is also a plus point to consider. Additionally, this unit is also capable to support some advanced technologies like 360 imaging, but you have to purchase a compatible sonar system separately.

This best finder also offers recording feature which you can rewind any time, while the memory card is plugged in. Apart from that, the GPS, which is provided with this unit is very accurate, and it is capable to locate the position within 25.5 meters.

Like other HELIX series, this best GPS fish finder also comes with ContourXD maps. For your information, this built-in map is having more than 3000 lakes of the U.S. with data like depth contours and point of interest. Moreover, there is an interesting feature 3D view given, which will show the point of view behind and above the boat, and this is very convenient.

When we talk about the display unit, that is very bright and can be read easily from some distance. As mentioned in this name HELIX 9, where 9 is the display size.

This color TFT display offers a very broad color range of 65000 colors with IPX7 waterproof. It means it can withstand in splash, rain or ever immersion condition for a short period of time. Moreover, you can view both frequencies data simultaneously in the split screen. And both view can be blend together

As we said earlier, this unit is having microSD supported and offers two slots for them. So, you can easily transfer, or recording the sonar data.

As the connectivity concern of this best fish finder, then there are NMEA 0183 and NMEA 2000 and Ethernet ports are given. And Gimbel type mounting kit and the protection cover allow you to easily install to your boat.

The most interesting feature of this device is, that Humminbird has provided a wireless remote (Bluetooth based), which allow you to perform some task with the equipped 7 buttons.

We don’t find any serious obnoxious thing about the Humminbird HELIX 9, this device is totally worth the money.

The bottom line is that Humminbird HELIX 9 is the best fish finder in our list, which offers some best features like dual beam sonar, powerful transducer with the temperature sensor, high depth capability, precision GPS with sonar recording, wireless control, waterproof body, and super bright 9″ display, which is giving everything that a fisherman needs.

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  • Big 9″ color TFT
  • DualBeam Plus sonar
  • Sonar recording available
  • Accurate GPS
  • SwitchFire supported
  • microSD card reader x2
  • XNT 9 20 Transducer with the temperature sensor
  • 360 Imaging capability
  • Waypoints functions
  • ContourXD maps
  • Trackpoints
  • Route plotting
  • IPX7 waterproof certified
  • Max 3,000 ft. depth capability (50Hz)
  • 1,000-watt power
  • Ethernet, NMEA 0183 and 2000 ports
  • Bottom Lock
  • Fish ID+
  • ContourXD charts
  • Easy Gimbal mount
  • Upgradable internal software
  • Unique Wireless control
    Justified price


  • High-tech unit takes time to fully understand

 2. Garmin Striker 4 (Powerful Affordable Fish Finder)

Garmin is the well-known brand in the fish finder and depth finder industry product manufacturing. They have a reputation for delivering good quality products in the affordable range. And the Garmin Strike 4 is one of the best products in their portable fish finder lineup.

The Garmin Strike 4 is the best-selling product of all time.

What are the qualities that make its best-selling and why this deserve to be placed on our website?

Let’s find out.

First of all, this portable fish finder is offers 3.5″ WVGA sharp color display and keypad, which is very convenient and easy to use. The resolution of this fish finder’s display is 480 x 320 pixel. Moreover, the inbuilt GPS of this portable fish finder is very sensitive and accurate and able to provide data within about 4 meters.

The display quality of this unit is average but not too bad, I mean you can easily understand what you are seeing. And at this price range, that is totally justified.

The Garmin Strike 4 offers CHIRP transducers, which provide a lot better and clearer fishes and underwater structure data than the traditional transducers. And, this CHIRP sonar is capable to utilize dual beam mode, it means you can use both high and low frequency at the same time. High frequency (200 kHz) allows you to scan in shallow water, and with low frequency (50 kHz), you can go deeper.

The frequency, which is offered by this units are 50/77/200 kHz and that allows you to scan the deeper up to 1,600 ft. in freshwater and 750 ft. in salt water. That is quite impressive at this affordable price.

The transmit power of this unit is 200 watt, and that is the big capacity in a small package. Apart from that, the Garmin Strike 4 is IPX7 waterproof certified.

As we told earlier, the inbuilt GPS of this unit is very precise and fast. Which allows you to mark your favorite location and waypoint, where you want to visit again.

Using these waypoints, you can navigate to the location and check your boat speed in real time.

When we talk about the installation and usage, which is very easy. Because this unit is very small and portable, you can do fishing on kayak and ice also.

On the kayak, you can set it up within the minute, and you can Tilt & Swivel according to your need. Moreover, shallow depth alarm will warn you to avoid from prop damage.

Overall, This Garmin Strike 4 is the best fish finder in the low-price range, which offers precise inbuilt GPS, CHIRP sonar, dual beam transducer, and 1,600 ft. deeper scan capability. And, that is the perfect choice for those fishermen, that don’t want to spend more.

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  • Very-sensitivity GPS
  • CHIRP Sonar
  • Water temperature sensor available
  • DualBeam
  • Dual Frequency
  • Ultrascroll® feature given
  • Customizable Tilt & Swivel mount
  • Depth measure
  • IPX7 certified
  • Easy keypad use
  • Built-in flasher
  • Extreme lightweight and portable
  • Up to 1,600 ft. deeper scan
  • Affordable 200 watt unit


  • Small screen and low pixel
  • Brightness auto low feature reduces the light too much
  • Map is not available

 3. Raymarine Dragonfly 7PRO

The Raymarine Dragonfly 7PRO is another considerable option after Hummingbird HELIX 9. This portable fish finder offers CHIRP sonar and chart plotter features. Which allows you up to 900 ft. scanning in deeper water.

If you are not familiar with CHIRP technology, then I want to tell you. You will get the even clearer image than the traditional sonar, which is very accurate.

According to the manufacturer, this portable fish finder is capable to work in fresh as well as salt water.

In this upgraded version, you are getting sharper and clear image quality compared to the previous model. The display size is 7″ with the resolution of 800 x 480 pixels and this display is enough brighter to see easily in sunlight.

The CHIRP sonar technology of this portable fish finder is very good. Because compared to the traditional sonar this technology sent more waves to the water, which provide more accurate and clear data. If you are looking for best fish finder around 500 bucks then this unit is recommended.

Like our other best fish finder this unit also offers inbuilt GPS and chart plotter functionality. The GPS of this portable fish finder is of 50 channel high precision. With chart plotter and GPS this unit not only helps you normal condition but in worst weather condition you can find your saved location or target through waypoint easily.

There is also an interesting feature is available, the Raymarine has provided a wi-fish mobile app, which allows you to use the sonar on your mobile device directly through Wi-Fi.

If you are looking for best fish finder around 500$, the Raymarine Dragonfly 7PRO is considerable unit, which offers CHIRP sonar, bright 7″ display along with the wi-fish mobile app.

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  • CHIRP sonar
  • WVGA, 7″ bright color display
  • Easy to use interface
  • microSD card slot available
  • Can scan up to 900 ft. deeper
  • Inbuilt GPS
  • Wi-Fi available
  • Free Wi-Fish mobile app


  • Non-upgradable software
  • Slow booting time
  • Backlit is missing

 4. Raymarine Axiom 9 (Premium Quality Fish Finder)

If you don’t have the budget problem and you are looking for the best fish finder, then Raymarine Axiom 9 is the solid choice.

We have also reviewed Raymarine Dragonfly 7 Pro but these units are drastically different from each other in the price range as well as in features.

The Raymarine Axiom 9 offers a big 9″ screen with multitouch functionality, which is very sharp and vivid. Additionally, this unit is waterproof with IPX6 and IPX7 certification.

When we talk about the performance, this premium sonar fish finder comes with RealVision 3D sonar. This RealVision sonar provides the three-dimensional view of the underwater, and with the touchscreen, you can rotate or zoom this data according to your need.

Honestly, the depth capability of this fish finder is not too good, which allow up to 900 ft. with 2D sonar, and with the 3D sonar, this is limited to 300 ft.

The Raymarine Axiom 9 is equipped with the most accurate GPS module with the frequency of 10 Hz. It means you can trace your boat in real time without any latency or interruption on the map. And 72-channel GPS you can even calculate the speed of your boat.

Apart from that, this premium fish finder allows you to record up to 10,000 waypoints, with the route and track functionality. Moreover, this gives you the freedom to create up to 150 routes with the 250 waypoints/route.

This unit is running on the LightHouse OS, which is very easy to use and convenient interface. This OS allows you to multitask with split-screen as well. And there is 4 GB SSD internal storage is provided for storage map and waypoint. Additionally, you can add your microSD card, if you want to extend the storage even more.

When we talk about the connectivity, this fish finder offers a wide range of connectivity options. There is an Ethernet port, and NMEA000 port available along with micro B USB. Moreover, this device is Wi-Fi enabled, which allows you to connect with Raymarine apps on your tablet and smartphones.

The Raymarine Axiom 9 is the premium fish finder, which offers some features like multitouch sharp color display, 600W dual frequency (50/200 kHz) sonar, extreme accurate GPS, the capability to 3D view with RealVision technology, a wide range of connectivity option, along with easy to use interface.

That is the most recommended fish finder for those who are looking for the most premium and best fish finder at the high price range.

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  • WVGA, 800 x 480 big 9″ Multi-touch display
  • Very bright and beautiful user interface
  • RealVision 3D sonar
  • IPX6 & IPX7 waterproof
  • Easy to use LightHouse 3 OS
  • Wi-Fi connectivity available
  • microSD card reader and USB provided
  • Ethernet and NMEA 2000 ports
  • Powerful 600W
  • Thermal camera capable
  • U.S. and Canada chart provided
  • 10 Hz fast and accurate inbuilt GPS
  • Traditional 50/200 kHz sonar
  • Autopilot feature
  • Gyroscopic transducer included
  • Radar and AIS capable
  • Easy to install


  • Somewhat high price
  • RealVision 3D sonar have only 300 ft. deeper capability
  • Remote function available after the update
  • Touch screen usability may

 5. Humminbird HELIX 5 GPS G2 (Affordable Unit with CHIRP)

The Humminbird HELIX 5 CHIRP is the upgraded version of the HELIX 5 GPS, according to its name it features CHIRP sonar technology.

The interesting thing about this fish finder is that it cost slightly less than the older one. We are reviewing the model here that is 410210-1, which comes with transducers.

If you want a portable 5″ fish finder, then the HELIX 5 CHIRP is a perfect choice. This device offers 5″ color TFT display with the resolution 800 x 480.

As we said above, this device equipped with CHIRP sonar technology, which provides the better imaging and accurate target separation.

Moreover, the supported frequencies by this transducer are 50/83/200 kHz. Additionally, this fish finder is having dual beam support, which means you can utilize both low and high frequency at the same time for getting better imaging and chart results.

The depth capability of this fish finder is just wonderful, you can go deeper up to 1,500 ft. with the stander sonar mode and 2,500 ft. with the CHIRP mode. This not only gives you the clear imaging quality but also it can track the temperature of the water.

With the fish alarm of this unit and the selective Fish ID+ feature, you can be notified as soon as the sonar detects the fishes. I mean, On the screen, you will get the fish symbol as well as the sound alarm when sonar reaches to them. Moreover, the alarm is having the 3 settings, you can set them according to your requirements like on low or high volume.

Like other HELIX series, the HELIX 5 CHIRP also offers the sonar recording features. With this feature, you can tack back to your favorite spot or waypoints, but you have to insert the blank microSD card.

This unit is one of the most affordable fish finders in the HELIX series, which comes with inbuilt GPS features, and there is UniMap chart provided which covers contiguous U.S. coastline, rivers, and inland lakes.

Like HELIX 9 this portable fish finder also offers a 3D view of your location, which is very useful and convenient to view your situation.

According to the manufacturer, this unit is capable up to store 47 routes, 2,750 waypoints along with 50 tracks. And each track can be followed with 50,000 track points.

This portable fish finder is having IPX7 waterproof certification, which can withstand up to 1-meter immersion in water about 30 minutes. Then how the splash and rain can affect this unit.

For setting up on the boat, you are getting the gimbal-type mount that can be set up easily.

The bottom line is that, if you want the best fish finder in a low-price range, then the Humminbird HELIX 5 is the most recommended choice. Which comes with best features like CHIRP sonar, inbuilt GPS, AutoChart live and bright 5″ color TFT display.

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  • Ideal 5″ color TFT
  • DualBeam Plus sonar
  • Sonar recording available
  • Good and fast GPS
  • SwitchFire supported
  • microSD card reader x1
  • XNT 9 20 T transducer with temperature sensor
  • 360 Imaging capability
  • Waypoints functions
  • UniMap charts included
  • Trackpoints
  • Route plotting
  • IPX7 waterproof certified
  • LakeMaster Compatibility
  • Max 2,500 ft. depth capability (50Hz)
  • 500-watt power
  • Ethernet, NMEA 0183 and 2000 ports
  • Bottom Lock
  • Audible alarms
  • Fish ID+
  • ContourXD charts
  • Easy Gimbal mount
  • Upgradable internal software
  • Affordable powerful unit


  • Unit cover not available

 6. Deeper PRO PLUS Smart Sonar (Best Smartphone Fish Finder)

The Deeper PRO PLUS Smart Sonar is the smartphone fish finder. This unit offers the Wi-Fi connection to connect with the smartphone and tablets. And the Wi-Fi connection which used by this portable fish finder is totally independent.

It means, your device should only be charged, and it doesn’t matter where you are fishing, this unit works everywhere. You can use this device, even where your cell phone is out of service.

This cheap fish finder allows you to view the sonar data on your mobile and tablet devices. You have to just download the apps and you are ready to go.

This sonar fish finder offers dual frequency mode, and which allows you to go deeper up to 330 ft. without any problem of the Wi-Fi connection and provide great imaging experience.

Battery backup of this fish finder can last up to 6 hours and which get the fully charged in 2 hours.

This device can use as icing fish finder. Moreover, in the split screen mode, you can view sonar feedback simultaneously, and with zooming, this works easier.

Unlike the previous model, the Deeper Pro+ comes with an amazing feature which called Bathymetric mapping. With this feature, you can explore the lake maps and you can also create your own bathymetric maps as well.

The Deeper PRO+ is the best smartphone fish finder, which comes with dual-mode frequency sonar, bathymetric mapping and provides sonar feedback on your smartphone.

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  • Inbuilt GPS
  • Top-water temperature
  • Ice flasher mode
  • WiFi supported
  • Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery
  • Works in both fresh and salt Water
  • Dual Beam sonar 90/290 kHz
  • Good depth range 260 ft.
  • Create underwater topographic map
  • Casting range of 330 ft.


  • Sometimes app connectivity issue, hope they will improve with the update

 7. HawkEye FishTrax 1C (Another Good Portable Fish Finder)

HawkEye FT1PXC Fishtrax is the ultraportable fish finder which can fit easily in your palm.

Moreover, this fish finder offers floatable, bloat mountable and toll-able transducer, which make it the most portable fish finder.

The VirtuView™ Dot Matrix color display is very easy to read, you can even read in the bright sunlight. In this price range, the quality of this portable fish finder is commendable.

The HawkEye Fishtrax 1C offer dual-frequency transducers, which allows you to fish in the shallow or deep water. The frequency, which is supported by this units are 200/83 kHz.

Additionally, FishTrax Intelligent Sonar off this unit can able to pick the movement of the fish very quickly and gives you the accurate reading even the fish aren’t close to your boat.

This fish locator performs very well in the ice fishing. With the digital flasher, you can find the best fishing spot very easily in the open water or lake.

You can customize the flasher sensitivity, which allows you to work more efficiently.

When we talk about how deep this can go?

This fish finder can go up to 240 ft. deeper. And the 4 AAA battery can be powered this device for around 30 hours.

For mounting, this unit is very versatile. I mean you can take it anywhere, you can mount this on your boat, you can take it with for kayak fishing, ice fishing or even you can be fishing by sitting on a boat.

Finally, HawkEye Fishtrax 1C is the recommended portable fish finder, which is very affordable and ideal for kayak fishing, ice fishing. I am impressed with its portability and the performance.

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  • Auto Switching Dual-Beam sonar
  • FishID Fish Indicators
  • VirtuView Dot Matrix Display
  • 200/83 kHz frequency supported
  • 240 ft. deeper scan
  • Small and light


  • Battery life could be better
  • Some delay in display update when change depth zone

 8. Garmin Striker Plus 7SV (Best in Mid-Range with Powerful Sonar)

The Garmin Striker Plus 7SV is the upgraded version of the Garmin Striker 7Ss, which launches in the starting of 2018.

This fish finder comes with 7″ WVGA display, which is having 800 x 400 pixels of resolution. which is very bright and sharp, that allows you to see in the very bright light also.

Like the previous model, this unit comes with CHIRP sonar technology and supported by the frequency of 50/77/200 kHz. Moreover, this sonar supports the dual frequency mode, so you can utilize both low and high frequency at the same time.

By using dual beam mode with the CHIRP sonar, you can view more clear data along the deeper and shallow water. On the dual beam mode, this unit allows you to use the 77/200 kHz frequency.

With this unit, you can go up to 2,300 ft. deeper in fresh water, and 1,100 ft. deeper in salt water. And this is very important for any fisherman.

For navigation purpose, this unit equipped with inbuilt GPS, which is very precise.

The GPS system of this fish finder allows you to save your favorite fishing spot or any location that you prefer. And, you can save up to 5,000 way-points in the internal memory of this fish locator.

With this unit, you can record any route with way-points.

Whenever you will be coming back to the fishing, this unit will tell you the location of your favorite spot with the way-points. As well as this will also tell you the speed of your boat in real time.

Most of the features of this units are similar with the previous version Garmin Striker 7sv. But there is a new implementation of inbuilt Wi-Fi feature is done. Which allows you to view the sonar data through the mobile app within your smartphone and tablets. And additionally, you can also access some features like Garmin quickdraw community, software update and smart notification.

If you are thinking about mounting property of this fish finder, then this device supports tilt and swivel mount. But keep in mind that

unit cover and the flush mount are not coming with this unit.

Overall the Garmin Striker Plus 7sv is our best fish finder in the mid-price range, which not only coming with the good 7″ display but providing some top features like a dual beam, CHIRP sonar, IPX7 waterproofing and much more.

Personally, this is the most recommended deal, because of the balance between quality and the price range, which is the ideal for most of the fisherman.

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  • Bright LED display easily readable in sunlight
  • IPX7 waterproof
  • WVGA, 7” inch color beautiful display
  • Capable to save up to 5,000 way-points
  • CHIRP 2D sonar
  • CV52HW-TM transducer included
  • Supported frequency 50/77/200
  • Dual-frequency supported
  • Dual beam transducer with temperature sensor
  • Fish Symbols feature provided
  • Flasher available
  • Bottom Lock
  • High-sensitive inbuilt GPS
  • Depth range up to 2,300 ft. freshwater and 1,100 in salt water
  • 500-watt power
  • Easy to install, Tilt & Swivel mount supported
  • Affordable CHIRP fish finder


  • No Navionics only waypoints
  • No microSD card reader
  • Unit cover not included

 9. Simrad GO7 XSE Chartplotter/Fish finder

The Simrad GO7 XSE is the only fish finder that comes with 7″ multitouch display, but this is not the only feature which makes this unit special.

Then, what are the special things about this fish finder and GPS combo, which we like? Let’s find out.

First of all, as we said earlier this display of this fish finder is multitouch supported and very bright, which allows you to view in bright light as well as makes this unit very easy to use.

Next, this GPS depth finder combo comes with CHIRP sonar technology, which on the 50/83/200/455/800 kHz frequencies. And it supports dual beam mode too, which allows you to scan on both levels at the same time i.e. deeper and shallow.

Well, the deeper range of this unit is not too impressive, you can scan up to 1,000 ft. with CHIRP sonar, and 300 ft. with the standard. Moreover, the frequencies that are supported by the dual mode are 83 Hz and 200 Hz. The low frequency (83Hz) works best for deeper water, and the high frequency allows you to do the deeper level scan.

However, if you want the ForwardScan you have to purchase the different transducer.

When we think about the recording of the sonar, this unit allows you to record into its internal memory or you can use your own microSD card as well. Additionally, the sonar of this fish locator comes with a temperature sensor, that you can track the water temperature in real time.

As we said earlier this unit is having inbuilt GPS of 10Hz, which not only accurate but also very fast when we think about the update time. Because your data will be updated 10 times within a second and you can track the speed of your boat too.

Like Humminbird devices, this fish finder also comes with the insight charts of the USA, which provides 8,000 US lakes and rivers along with contour line and depth data. That is very useful and time saver for any fisherman.

The waypoints storage capacity of this depth finder is 10,000, so you can save your favorite location instantly with them. And, you can use that data for finding your favorite spot when you came back for fishing again.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to save the waypoint manually, this unit is set to automatically draw the movement and you have to need to just save them for reuse.

In the starting, we have discussed the display, that is of 7″ multi-touch. But here is the main point, this display is having LED backlights and the 800 x 480 resolution. Additionally, this unit is having IPX8 water resistance.

Apart from that, this fish finder also has built-in Wi-Fi, which allows you to map download or software updates. And, with Bluetooth audio integration you can stream music through this unit or listen the inbuilt FM/AM radio.

The Simrad GO7 XSE Chartplotter/Fish finder is another considerable option after Humminbird HELIX 9, which offer CHIRP sonar, inbuilt GPS, multitouch 7″ display and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

This unit is very easy to use with its clear interface and touch-enabled display, I think if you want a fish finder which having all ordinary features along with touch display, then this unit is recommended.

And, if you have more budget, then you can check out Raymarine Axiom 9 in premium range, which is having touch display along with 9″ giant screen.

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  • Multitouch, 7″ inch color display
  • Bright LED backlight easy to view in sunlight
  • CHIRP 2D sonar capable to ForwardScan, DownScan, and SideScan
  • IPX8 waterproof
  • Depth capability 1,000 ft. and 3,000 (CHIRP)
  • Easy to use touchscreen technology
  • NMEA 2000 connectivity available
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth available
  • Simrad SonicHub®2 & Bluetooth Audio Integration
  • MicroSD card slot reader allows the data backup and transfer
  • Bottom Lock available
  • A-Scope supported
  • High precision inbuilt 10 Hz GPS
  • Fish ID feature
  • Sonar Recording supported
  • Insight USA charts included
  • Sun cover provided
  • Compatible with a wide most of the custom charts like C-MAP MAX-N, Navionics Nautic, TripIntel™ etc.
  • Easy to install


  • Not upgradable like other Simrad products

 10. ReelSonar iBobber (Affordable and Best for hobbyists)

You have probably read our all different types of fish finder’s review above, but this unit is totally different from others.

First of all, the   fish finder is the cheapest Wi-Fi portable unit, which works with both Android and iOS devices. Moreover, this unit is rechargeable and which can last up to 10+ hours. I think this is sufficient backup when we consider the price of this portable fish finder.

Practically, the ReelSonar IBobber unit will not work like other expensive fish finders, that provides CHIRP sonar, deeper scanning and other stuff like that. But this fish finder really does his job and allows to scanning up to around 135 ft. deeper.

As you can see in the image, this unit doesn’t come with the GUI (Graphics User Interface), but the free app provided by the iBobber can turn your smartphone or tablet into a monitoring unit.

This apps works on the Bluetooth connection, that provides a reliable connection up to 100 ft. away. The app monitors the water temperature and weather condition also, that is very useful for fisherman. Apart from that, there is an inbuilt GPS feature is also included, that will make your fishing experience easier.

If you are a fishing enthusiastic and don’t want to spent more on the fish finder, then ReelSonar iBobber is a perfect choice. However, it is not the “best fish finder” but it really works well.

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If you have the slightly higher budget, then you can check out our other recommendation i.e. Deeper PRO PLUS Smart Sonar, that is also a smartphone fish finder.


  • Rechargeable battery 10+ hours of backup time
  • Free app on iOS and Android
  • Light, portable and very easy to use
  • most affordable


  • Limited deep scan range (only 135 ft.)
  • The Bluetooth range could be better

Portable Fish Finder – Buyer’s Guide

Before choosing the best fish finder there are many factors that should be considered. Below we are providing some steps which will help you to find your best fish finder for the money.

What should consider before purchasing the best Fish Finder?

best fish finder power in watt

This shows the how powerful is your fish finder? The more wattage allows you to see the deeper into the water and find the more fish. Moreover, the low wattage power is useful for shallow water fishing, and better to see the surrounding area.

Frequency is one of the most important factors to be considered before purchasing any fish finder.

You have to understand the frequency range that best fit for your fishing style. There are mainly three types of frequency comes in fish finders, and they are single, dual and multiple.

And, amongst of three, they come in 50, 83, 192, or 200 kHz.

But what does means of these frequencies in the fish finder?

These frequencies define the characteristic of any fish finder. I mean, how much deeper you can analyze and how detailed data you will get?

You can understand like this, high-frequency (192 or 200 kHz) fish finders are ideal for shallow water fishing, and on the other hand low frequency (50 or 83) is useful for deep water.

But keep in mind that, the high frequency provides you much clearer data on your screen.

The resolution is not only important in the fish finder but also it is the most crucial factor of every display device like mobile, laptop, tablet, TV etc.

The highest resolution provides more accuracy. Purchase a fish finder that is having at least 540 x 160 pixels resolution. If you think that is not enough, you can go with even more resolution.

Here I want to tell you, besides of the resolution, consider the screen size also. For a big screen fish finder, the resolution should be more compared to the small one.

If you do fishing occasionally, then you can go with small a screen device.

Nowadays, color screen a becoming popular, they are easy to readable in the sunlight. If you have more budget then you should go with a glowing color screen fish finder.

Moreover, black and white screens are not bad. They are comparatively cheaper than the color screens. If you haven’t tried out any fish finder yet, you can go with them. Or you can use them as a backup device.

Nowadays, color screen a becoming popular, they are easy to readable in the sunlight. If you have more budget then you should go with a glowing color screen fish finder.

Moreover, black and white screens are not bad. They are comparatively cheaper than the color screens. If you haven’t tried out any fish finder yet, you can go with them. Or you can use them as a backup device.

Basically, transducers are that device, that they convert the one signal into another form. And here, this plays the most important role in the fish finder. The transducers emit and receive the sonar waves, after that the data is sent to the main unit. After that, you can able to find that, is there any object or fish nearby?

In general, every fish finder comes with an inbuilt transducer. If you want faster accuracy and better data then you can invest in after-market transducer.

Finally, the main important point is that make sure you have a working transducer, that you can start fishing.

Most of the best fish finder provides the flexibility to customize the way, that how transducers will collect the information? which is very convenient to utilize the unit.

Moreover, some best fish finder even allows you to change the display color according to the weather condition. I mean, you can change brightness, contrast, which will enhance the visibility in the dim or high lighting condition.

Water temperature is also an important factor which affects fish behavior. So make sure your best fish finder is has a temperature probe inside the transducer.


I hope you have found your best fish finder, however, everyone has their different requirements and choice.

We have listed almost all types of fish finder on our list, whether you do fishing professionally or as a hobbyist.

Overall, the Humminbird HELIX 9 is the best fish finder, that provides the maximum features and performance in the best price. Moreover, this unit comes with accurate GPS, big 9″ color TFT display, best depth capability, dual beam sonar etc, that’s why most of the fisherman recommends this fish finder.

If you are looking for fish finder in mid-range, then Humminbird 410210-1 HELIX5, Garmin Striker Plus 7SV, and Raymarine Dragonfly 7 Pro are also the good options.

But, if you need a portable fish locator, then Garmin Striker 4 is strongly recommended, that is not only portable but also a cheaper option. On the other hand, Deeper PRO PLUS Smart Sonar is the best smartphone fish finder, which provides amazing functionality with your smartphone and tablets.

Lastly, if you are looking for the best fish finder without worry of the price, then Raymarine Axiom 9 is the ultimate choice, that offers tons of great features.

Thanks for reading this post, I hope you enjoyed and find your best fish finder. By the way, if you have any suggestion or feedback please let me know.

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