Best Ergonomic Keyboards for Mac and PC – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

By: Nootan Kumar

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If you type a lot with traditional keyboards, then it might be unhealthy for your wrist because it forces to align your hands accordingly. While an ergonomic keyboard’s design allows you to work as your wrist fall naturally. Moreover, ergonomics keyboards help us to work efficiently and effortlessly.

Best Ergonomic Keyboards for Mac and PC

There are numerous types of ergonomic keyboards are available in the market, but choosing the best ergonomic keyboards for mac and pc is really a tricky process. Because if an ergonomic is not enough ergonomic, that doesn’t make any sense to purchase that garbage.

If you read this article until the end, I promise, you will definitely get your best ergonomics keyboard or at least will be aware of the important factors that are most important.

If you are in a hurry you can check my best choice. Most of my friend already using it, based on my recommendation, and they have a nice experience with that unit. However, if your requirements and choices are different, then you can continue reading to find a perfect ergonomic keyboard for you.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

What are the ergonomic keyboards, and what are the advantages of them?

As you probably know, an ergonomic keyboard is also a computer keyboard but it has a more suitable design. And that design is very helpful to minimize the wrist and hand muscle strain when doing a longer typing work. Moreover, when your hand works on the correct angle, it also helps to reduce strain on your neck, back, and shoulders. It might reduce the probability of repetitive stress injuries to your hands and wrist like Carpal tunnel.

But keep in mind, there are no definitive studies that prove ergonomic keyboards can do all that, however, millions of writers, typist or blogger who’ve already switched to the ergonomics keyboards due to their effectiveness.

Note: The ergonomics keyboards are designed to prevent from hand and wrist injuries and stress during long typing session, they can’t cure.

Do I need an ergonomic keyboard?

Well, it is a very simple question. If you also spend a significant amount of time typing then you should consider to check out an ergonomic keyboard. But, if you already experiencing any pain or numbness in your wrist and hand, it’s best to consult with the medical expert who can suggest the best option for you.

If you are a “hunt and peak user” then an ergonomic keyboard can’t help you. It means if you use one or two fingers and look at the keyboard’s keys while typing,  then the ergonomic style is not going to help you.

What should consider before purchasing the best ergonomic keyboard?


The design is the main factor that makes them different from the standard keyboard, and it should be chosen very carefully. There are numerous types of ergonomic keyboards are available in the market, but when we talk about the computer keyboard, there are mainly four designs that widely being used around the world.

1. Fixed Split Keyboard –

This type of keyboard comes with a single board, on which all keys are separated into two or three groups. And it allows typing at a different angle compared to the straight keyboard. This type of keyboard might not suitable for a few people, because they have a fixed angle between the keys, you can’t adjust them according to your hand or posture requirements. However, in most cases, they are compatible and can be used by most people. Additionally, these keyboard habits can be adopted easily on or two days.

2. Adjustable Split Keyboard –

The adjustable split keyboard’s keys separated into two or three groups, but the board itself divided into multiple groups too. So, the distance and the angle between the keyboard pieces can be adjusted easily. That’s why these keyboards are compatible with different types of people.

The best thing about these ergonomics keyboards is, you don’t need to change your own typing habits completely, you can get used to it within one or two days. In my opinion, these are the best ergonomic keyboard, because they provide great adjustability for maximum comfort, without the need to change your own Qwerty habit.

3. Angle split keyboard – 

Angle keyboards are almost similar to the split keyboards but the middle is tended up, so the index fingers remain slightly higher than the little fingers while typing. The height angle can be adjusted according to the requirement. There is no special thing other than the height angle adjustment, you can also call them an adjustable angled split keyboard.

4. Contoured keyboard –

The Contoured keyboards are somewhat similar to the fixed split keyboard, their keys are also divided into multiple groups. But the key arrangement is drastically is different, there is a far difference between the TGB and YHN keys, while function keys are set between the key groups. So, there is very little arm and wrist movement is required. Nowadays, there are two major brands that are making Contoured keyboards: Kinesis, and Maltron.

Honestly, these keyboards are the best in terms of ease of usage. But on the other hand, it might take some time to get used to them, and it will become very hard to go back when once you start using them. If you do a lot of typing work, then your productivity might be decreased in the starting. These keyboards are not recommended as an experimental way, because these are “hard to learn and hard to change”.

Key Type

Which type of keys do you want to prefer? because it totally depends on your typing style. Many people love mechanical keys for typing, with tactile feedback. While some people enjoy the clicking sound along with tactile feedback. On the other hand, some people prefer silent keys that need less force to register.

Also read: Best mechanical keyboards for typist and programmer (where you can read more about the key types)

But keep in mind the actuation force: which is responsible for how much force you will need to successfully register a key. Low actuation force is very helpful to work longer, without finger fatigue.


Like other traditional keyboards, some ergonomic keyboard comes with the wireless connectivity, backlit and some customizable function keys. Moreover, If you want a separate number pad (if you do a lot of calculation), then you should pay attention to that.

With considering all that in mind, I have picked some best ergonomic keyboards for Mac, and PC today.

Best Ergonomic Keyboards for Mac and PC – Reviews

 1. Kinesis Freestyle2 (Overall Recommended Keyboard)

Kinesis is one of the top manufacturers for the computer’s ergonomics products like Mouse and keyboard. And Freestyle series is most popular among them, and there are many different variants are available under this series, whether you have Mac, Windows or Linux.

First of all, this ergonomic keyboard comes with the Adjustable Split design, that is compatible with almost all type of users. Additionally, the

Kinesis Freestyle2 provides two design when we talk about the separation: 9″ and 20″. 9 inches and 20 inches are referring to the length of the cable that connects the two halves of the keyboard. It means the 20-inch model allows you to separation up to 20 inches, while 9-inch model up to 9 inches.

The best thing about the adjustable design is that you can set the distance between the two halves of the keyboard according to your convenience. Because all human has the different sizes of body parts, so it can provide maximum suitability to all of them. Moreover, you don’t need to change yours’s habit to get used to them. You can do it easily within a day or two.

If you are Mac user then Kinesis Freestyle2 Mac Edition is recommended for you, which come with tactile feedback low force switches, they are very comfortable for long typing session. Moreover, you can choose from 9″ or 20″ versions.

The first version, the Kinesis Freestyle2 which has the same functionality as the Mac edition, and it is also available in two cable sizes.

The second version for windows user is Freestyle Edge, that has the Cherry MX switches (Blue, Brown, Red, Silver), so you can choose according to your typing style. For example, if you choose the Cherry MX Blue edition, then you can get the advantage of clicky sound and tactile feedback, while Cherry MX Red edition requires less force to work. Moreover, you are getting backlit support here too.

You might read this article to know more about the Cherry MX switches properties. 

The Third option for the windows user is Freestyle Pro and this version is also compatible with the Mac and Linux. Basically, this version offers Cherry MX Red mechanical switches and programmable feature. That’s why it is compatible with both platforms – Mac and Windows. The Cherry MX Red switch requires the lowest force compared to among all cherry switches, and that is ideal for longer typing.

Overall the Kinesis Freestyle 2 is one the best ergonomic keyboards for mac, pc, and Linux. This keyboard is not only available for different OS platforms but also compatible with different types of users. Even there is a gaming version also available.

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 2. Mistel Barocco (Solid Mechanical Choice For Windows)

When comes to the typing, we miss mechanical switches somewhere. And how can we forget them in the ergonomic keyboards too?

The Mistel Barocco is an adjustable split keyboard that comes with different Cherry MX mechanical switches. You can choose any switch according to your typing style. Because it is an adjustable split keyboard, then it will be compatible with different types of users.

The Mistel Barocco the best ergonomic keyboards for pc, but unfortunately it is not compatible with Mac.

If you love the clicky sound with tactile feedback then you might choose the Cherry MX Blue variant, while for silent typing with tactile feedback the Cherry MX Brown is a great choice. On the other hand, if you want the smoothest typing then Cherry MX Red is recommended.

Also, Read this post to find out the actuation force for all Cherry MX Switches and their uses.

In terms of durability, it comes with PBT keycaps and double shot injection molding and the Ergonomic key shape design provide comfortable typing. Additionally, the programmable feature allows you to switch between 3 built-in preset layouts, if you are a developer, then it can be a perfect choice for you. Moreover, it also supports the N-key rollover feature, media keys, ANSI/ISO.

Mistel Barocco is available in two colors white and black, and both versions are available with RGB backlit feature.

Overall, the Mistel Barocco is the best ergonomic keyboard for a computer that provides adjustable split design, Cherry MX switches, 3-built-in preset layout, and backlit support. 

If you are a programmer or writer then this deal has more weight for you, due to the mechanical switch support. But keep in mind it doesn’t support the Mac, it is only for Windows.

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 3. Microsoft Sculpt 5KV-00001 (Soft Touch Split KB)

Microsoft Sculpt 5KV-00001 is another a great ergonomic keyboard for Windows, that comes with a split design. Unfortunately, it is not available for Mac users. This product has the highest users rating on the Amazon, because of the quality and affordability.

It will cost you around $70, that is the very impressive price for such a high-quality keyboard.

As I said, it is a split type keyboard, but its middle is tended up a little bit, so you can call it fixed angle split keyboard. Additionally, it comes with a separate num pad that is very convenient if you do calculation a lot. Moreover, unlike our previous keyboard, it comes with cushioned palm rest that promotes a neutral wrist position. This version has connectivity, but there is a wireless version also available.

The keys of this keyboard have a soft touch, that requires less force to work on.

In fact, the fixed split keyboard’s separation can’t be adjusted, but it is compatible with most of the people. If you are using a traditional keyboard without any problem, then it will be definitely suitable for you. The great thing about this keyboard is, you can easily get used to it.

Overall, Microsoft Sculpt 5KV-00001 is a solid ergonomic keyboard for Windows user, which comes with decent built quality, great convenience, and affordable price. 

Mac users can check out KINESIS Freestyle2 and Goldtouch GTU-0088 V2 keyboards.

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 4. Goldtouch GTU-0088 V2 (Compatible with PC and Mac)

Goldtouch GTU-0088 V2 is the only keyboard in our list that comes with an adjustable angle split design. And this design provides some more adjustability for increase convenience. This keyboard offers soft touch keys, that requires low activation force and full key travel distance. The great thing of this ergonomic keyboard is that it is compatible with Mac and PC completely.

As per its angle adjustable design, you are not only free to change the middle separation distance of the two halve but also you can adjust the angle between (0-30 degree) them. And that makes it more compatible with the different type of user group.

If we compare it with the KINESIS Freestyle2 Mac edition, then it is slightly having a lower price, while it is compatible with both platforms – Mac, and PC.

Goldtouch GTU-0088 V2 the only single adjustable angle split keyboard, which single unit is compatible with both Mac and PC platforms.

If you work with Mac and PC often, then it can be a considerable ergonomic keyboard for you.

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 5. Kinesis Advantage2 (Maximum Convenience)

Kinesis Advantage2 is a Contoured type ergonomic keyboard, that comes with Cherry MX Brown, Cherry MX Red switches and compatible with both Mac and PC. As you know already, the Cherry MX Brown and Cherry MX RED switch both are the great options for silent typing. If you prefer smoothest typing, then you should need to go with the Cherry MX Red, while for tactile feedback lover Cherry MX Brown is a great option.

In facts, the Contoured design provides maximum comfort compared to the other ergonomic types keyboards. But on the other hand, it needs some time to get used to it. Because the alphabets have divided into two parts and the function keys have placed between them. So, the function keys placement is different, and it will take some time to get used to it.

However, your arms, wrist need less movement, to ensure maximum comfort. But when once you got used to it, then it might hard to go back with a straight keyboard.

The Kinesis Advantage2 is the ultimate choice for the ergonomic keyboards with maximum comfort. I don’t recommend it until you are not too serious about the ergonomic. Because it requires less movement, you can call it the best ergonomic keyboard for carpal tunnel (No keyboard can cure the problem, but it can decrease the risk though). But honestly, if you have such a serious problem then you definitely consult the expert that can recommend the better options.

If you currently type a lot, and if you switch to the Kinesis Advantage2, then your productivity can decrease a little bit in the starting, but after some time it will get highly improved.

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 6. Microsoft Natural Ergo 4000 (Budget Pick)

Microsoft Natural Ergo 4000 is an entry-level split design based ergonomic keyboard. If you are not ready for expensive ergonomics keyboards, then it might be a good option to start with. Moreover, it has a decent user rating on the Amazon because of its great price, and quality.

The Microsoft Natural Ergo 4000 comes with palm rest and membrane soft touch keys, that provide good comfort while typing. Moreover, the little tend in the middle makes your index finger little higher while typing and curve design align your hand in natural position.

Overall, the Microsoft Natural Ergo 4000 is the best affordable ergonomic keyboard for pc, that features natural position for palm, wrist and finger rest to ensure good comfort. Moreover, there are numerous extra multimedia and function keys are provided for faster usability.

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 7. Logitech MK550 (Budget Wireless Ergonomic Keyboard)

Logitech MK550 looks like an ordinary keyboard, but I want to tell you it has wave design instead of the split. And it is another way to keep our hand in the natural position without doing too much modification on the keyboard.

It is also an entry level ergonomic keyboard, but it has the wireless connectivity. If you need a wireless device then you should definitely choose definitely this keyboard between the Logitech MK550 and Microsoft Natural Ergo 4000.

Like our previous keyboard, it also has the palm rest and tactile buttons, if you are looking for an ergonomic keyboard that shouldn’t look so different then you can check out this affordable ergonomic keyboard.

Overall, the Logitech MK550 is also a great budget ergonomic keyboard for typing that also comes with wireless connectivity.

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 8. MoKo Universal (Cheapest, Compact and Foldable)

MoKo Universal is the best ergonomic keyboard for typing and it is compatible with the iOS/ Windows, Android. The best thing about this keyboard is that it is the most portable and lightest keyboard on our list, which is very ideal for carrying. Moreover, it features the membrane keys so it doesn’t need much force while typing.

MoKo Universal has the fixed split and foldable design. Additionally, it has the wireless Bluetooth connectivity too. When you open this keyboard then it will automatically on, and will automatically off when you fold it, it is the great energy conservation feature.

If you are looking for the most portable, lightest, cheapest and universally compatible ergonomic keyboard for mac, pc, smartphone, then MoKo Universal is the perfect option. Moreover, it also can be called the best ergonomic keyboard for small hands, because of its foldable and compact size.

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Wrapping it up

Finally, we have discussed almost all types of ergonomics keyboards in our list. And probably you have already gotten your best ergonomic keyboards for mac or pc.

If you are still confused which one to pick, then I am summarizing all the information for you below.

Let’s start with the Mac users – for Mac user’s I would recommend KINESIS Freestyle2 while if you need a keyboard that should be compatible with Mac along with Windows, then Goldtouch GTU-0088 V2 is the ultimate choice.

For Windows user’s Mistel Barocco is a solid choice, if you prefer some simple design then Microsoft Sculpt 5KV is the keyboard that you are looking for. On the other hand, if your budget is tight then you would love to go with Microsoft Natural Ergo 4000 while Logitech MK550 can provide wireless connectivity in the budget range if you need it.

Now let’s talk about the universal ergonomic keyboards, Kinesis Advantage2 is meant to provide the maximum comfort and MoKo Universal tend to have portability with wide adaptability.

Ok, the choice is yours, you can choose any ergonomic keyboards on our list, this list is made by filtering more than 35+ keyboard and spending 7+ hours.

If you have a question or two, feel free to ask them below, I will get back to you quickly.

Thank you very much.

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