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Video conferencing has been drastically changed from some years, the days of low megapixel and blocky video feed has been gone.

Whether you are in a meeting with your colleagues or chatting with your mom, a good laptop is always needed. Before choosing the best laptops for video conferencing, we have to consider some important point.

Best Laptop for Video Conferencing

Best laptops for video conferencing

A good pair of webcam, microphone, and speaker that are the most important component for a nice video call. But besides them, there are some other points that also important.

If you are in hurry or don’t have enough time. Then, you can check out my recommendations first. However, if you want to read our buyer’s guide then you can go to anytime by sidebar or navigation links.

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Top Rated Laptops for Video Conferencing

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(Editor’s Choice)


Intel Core i5


128 GB SSD

12 hours

(Premium Choice)

(13.9″ Touch Screen)

Intel i5-8250U


256 GB SSD

12 hours


(13.5″ Touch Screen)

Intel Core i5


128 GB SSD

14.5 hours


(11.6” Touch Screen)

Intel Celeron N3150



10 hours



AMD A6-9200



5.3 hours

Apple MacBook Air is the best laptop for video conferencing, this laptop is not only very lightweight but also provides decent battery life. If you are thinking about the OSX then don’t worry, besides of FaceTime, there are many apps which are supported by the Mac OSX, example: Skype, Google Duo, Amazon Alexa, WhatsApp. But if you have Apple devices environments then FaceTime really works great.

MacBook Air is a very compact and powerful machine, which is powered by Intel Core i5 processor, 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of high-speed SSD. This can handle many complicated processes along with your video call without any problem.


However, MacBook Air design doesn’t need any explanation, this compact laptop still a great example of a high-tech device. Compact and ultra-durable aluminum construction, with powerful specs and a great battery life, is the main highlight of this product. And when we talk about its Retina display, which is a full HD IPS panel that provides the great quality sharp and vivid image.

Overall, the MacBook Air is having the decent build quality, with powerful features.


The MacBook Air comes with Intel Core i5 processor, that can go up to 2.9 GHz of clock rate. And 128 GB of SSD drive deliver high performance, it will not take more than 3 seconds to show your desktop. For multitasking 8 GB of RAM with 1600 MHz frequency is sufficient, you will not feel any lag in the operation.

You can run many multiple programs like mail, PowerPoint, excel, words, any video calling software without any problem. In other words, this load is the piece of cake for this machine.

In terms of performance surely you will not get disappointed. The storage capacity might be low for some users, but you can purchase an external hard drive for that.

The MacBook 13 Air is the best laptop for video conferencing, which offers 12 hours of great battery life, and decent performance.

Honestly, the Apple devices are expensive, but if you can afford to get the MacBook Air on your budget, you likely won’t regret it.

  • Powerful Intel Dual Core i5 processor
  • 8GB RAM to ensure smoother work experience
  • Intel HD graphics 6000
  • SSD drive for better performance
  • Ultra sharp 13″ Retina screen
  • Ultra-durable and reliable body
  • Compact design and lightweight
  • Good battery life
  • Best quality 6 MP camera for clearer video calling
  • Ultra-sensitive microphones provide commendable sound pickup
  • Slightly expensive

Microsoft Surface is another mid-range best windows laptop for video conferencing, that provides great value features and Microsoft branding. Personally, this laptop is my favorite, because it is very light and comfortable that is very idle for video conferencing. Additionally, this laptop looks so great on the desk due to its simple and professional design.

Inside this laptop, you will get Intel Core i5 processor with the 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB of SSD storage. That is the good combination of performance and best price.

If your budget is under 800$ then this laptop is the best value for money.


Aesthetically, this laptop is my favorite due to its simple, clean and slim design. The color is also good because the gray color fits well almost with every other gadget. Apart from that, the keyboard is covered with Luxurious Alcantara fabric which looks very good.

Despite the 14 hours of great battery life and powerful Intel i5 processor, this laptop is having only 2.76 pounds of weight, that is really amazing.

Moreover, the Microsoft surface offers the 13.5-inch screen with 2256 x 1504 pixels resolution, that offers clear picture and natural colors, because this is an IPS panel also.

Overall, Microsoft has shown us that why they deserve the high reputation. This gadget’s professional look really impressed me.


The model that I am discussing here, is coming with Intel Core i5 of 7th Generation, 4GB of RAM. This is a good specification for the mid-range price, you can easily perform all productivity related task along with rich video calling. And 128 GB of SSD ensure the faster performance.

This Surface Laptop is also backed by the best of Microsoft, including Windows and Office products, this is a good another plus point.

Finally, this laptop provides commendable performance and rich video calling experience.

The Microsoft Surface Laptop provides top battery life of 14.5 hours. If you are looking for a mid-range best windows laptop for video conferencing then you should definitely go for it.

  •  Good mid-range Core i5 processor
  • 4 GB of DDR4 RAM 
  • Intel HD Graphics 620 delivers high-quality picture
  • 128 GB of SSD for fast booting time and file processing
  • Commendable quality 13.5-inch touch display with 2256 x 1504 pixel resolution
  • The most lightweight, Compact and professional design
  • Microsoft Windows and Office support
  • Best battery life of 14.5 hours
  • Windows Hello face sign-in camera with 720p HD quality
  • Stereo microphones and Omnisonic speakers with Dolby Audio
  •  Only one USB slot and USB Type-C is missing

Huawei MateBook X Pro is a premium looking laptop which looks like the MacBook Pro. For video calling, this device provides privacy Pop-up cam, which is hidden in a key’s look between the F6 and F7 keys. This is the most unique concept, if you are not using your cam then you can hide it, which provide a nice layer of security.

Moreover, this device comes with the latest model of the Intel Core i5 8250U processor. Additionally, 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of SSD provides high performance.

There is another considerable highlight is the full view touch display. you are getting almost bezel-less viewing experience, which looks, even more, great when you are doing the video call or playing video on full-screen mode. 


The Huawei MateBook X Pro offers a very thin design and lightweight body. The metallic unibody design makes it more reliable. This laptop is very portable and easy to carry.

Inside the quad speaker and microphone, setup provides great sound quality and accurate sound pickup.

As we said earlier, the webcam is hidden under the keypad button, which is a cool concept. But on the other hand, it’s might look weird to some when making a call.

When we talk about the display, which is the major highlight of this product. This laptop comes with 13.9 inches full view touch display, that offers the ultra-high resolution of 3000×2000 and 91% screen-to-body ratio. Thin bezel IPS panel with high resolution, provide the very sharp and vivid color production. Moreover, the IPS provide the better view angle.

Here is another good thing, for enhancing security, which is the inbuilt fingerprint sensor, that is located in the power button. This sensor allows you to securely log in with a single tap.

Finally, I can say that the MateBook Pro having the good unibody reliable and lightweight design. And the ultimate display quality which is just amazing.


8th Gen Intel Core i5 which is a great mid-range processor that can handle most of the complicated task easily. The 8 GB of RAM is sufficient for handling multiple tasks and better performance, and the 256 GB of SSD provides the faster file accessing speed and low booting time.

The Huwai MateBook X Pro offers the 12 hours of battery backup, which is very nice for the high-performance laptop.

If you are looking for a video calling laptop that should look good on your desk and capable to handle heavy workloads besides of the video call, then MateBook X is the recommended for you.

  •  Great 8th Gen Intel Core i5-8250U processor
  • Sufficient 8 GB of DDR4 RAM 
  • Intel HD Graphics 620 delivers high-quality picture
  • 256 GB of big SSD for low booting time and storing media
  • USB Type-C included with HDMI and VGA
  • Top quality 13.9-inch 3K resolution stunning FullView IPS touch display
  • Reliable and compact metallic body
  • Lightweight and diamond cut edge design
  • Good battery life of 12 hours
  • 1 MP privacy pop-up webcam
  • Quad microphone and speakers setup deliver clear video calling
  • 1 year Office 365 Personal subscription included
  • Slightly high price compared to the rivals
  • Bottom camera location might look weird for some during calling

Acer Chromebook R 11 is the most portable laptop for video conferencing, which doesn’t cost you more. If you are looking for a laptop only for video calling purpose, then this Chromebook is a considerable option.

This laptop is powered by Intel Celeron N3150 processor, 4 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage capacity. And that offers 11.6” touchscreen which is convertible, so you can use as a tablet.


This Chromebook comes in 360-degree convertible design, which is very ideal when you are calling. You can put this on your desk or hold in your hand during your call. Due to the small screen size, this laptop is not heavy at all, 2.76 lbs are easy to carry anywhere.

When we talk about the display, which is an IPS HD panel, that comes with 11.6-inch size and supports the touch. IPS panel provide the better view angle and great color accuracy.

In this price range, the Acer did a great job in term of design.


As we said above this laptop is especially recommended for video call only, if you planning to expand the load then you should check our other recommendation. 

Because the Intel Celeron N3150 processor can’t handle many tasks. And 4 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage is not also sufficient. So, please think before you buy.

The Acer Chromebook offers a good battery life of about 10 hours and comes with average performance hardware. However, It’s still an affordable and great choice for video calling.

  • Cheap price Chromebook
  • Ideal for calling only
  • 4 GB DDR3 RAM
  • 11.6” touch display
  • 360-degree convertible design
  • Very light-weight
  • Good 10 hours of battery backup
  • Low storage capacity of 32 GB
  • Average performance processor Intel Celeron N3150
  • Average camera and mic quality

The Dell Inspiron is the most affordable option for video conference laptop. This laptop comes with a large screen of 15.6 inch which is an HD panel. Moreover, AMD A6-9200 processor and 4GB of ram deliver average performance, but you are getting 500GB of storage here. Considering the price of this laptop, you are getting more than that you are paying off. A big HD screen, good battery life, Windows 10 and average performance, really worth the price.


The Dell Inspiron offers 1366 x 768 HD resolution display with LED backlight, which is enough bright and crisp to deliver good image quality.

The weight of the laptop is 5.07 lbs, which is the average compared to the modern 15″ screens. You can easily carry it from one place to another. Moreover, the body of this laptop is very thin which is very easy to hold.

Overall, the build quality of this laptop is not bad, you will not regret after purchasing this device.


This laptop comes with the AMD A6-9200 which is a dual-core processor and works on 2.0 GHz clock rate. It means along with video call you can also do some other task very easily like, checking email, PowerPoint Presentation etc.

4GB of RAM and 500GB of HDD are sufficient for running your multiple tasks, opening some chrome tabs and storing your important data.

The Dell Inspiron 15 is the best video conferencing laptop for those who are looking for a 15.6-inch slim device under 300$ and additionally, that should capable to perform some ordinary task also besides video calling.

  • Cheapest windows laptop for calling
  • OK quality AMD A6-9200 processor with 2.0 GHz clock rate
  • Good 4GB DDR4 RAM
  • Large 15.6 inch HD display
  • Compact design
  • OK camera and mic quality
  • Average battery life Due to AMD chip
  • Something heavier due to the big display

Best Laptops for Video Conferencing – Buyer’s Guide

Picking the best laptops for video conferencing is not that easy, you should look for also some other feature besides the camera and microphone.

Below are some points that are very helpful before choosing the video calling laptop.

What should consider before purchasing the best laptops for video conferencing?

This is the most important feature that should consider because no one like to be in a meeting with someone who sounds and looks indistinct. When choosing a new laptop, ensure that the laptop is having at least two-megapixel camera. As all we know, appearances are everything, so it makes you look clear during the meeting.

Additionally, some webcam works better in the low light situation, this feature is very helpful when calling late night. So, try to find a laptop that is capable to work in some low degree of light.

When we talk about the microphone, you should look for one that offers the crisp pickup of great quality. But don’t worry, most of the laptop brands do a reasonable job, but you might need an attention to find one, that should work according to your need.

Finally, this recommendation might look weird for someone – I prefer a laptop that is having webcam top of the screen, but why?

The laptop with below screen webcam, which can result inappropriate and creepy, when looking bottom to the screen during conferencing.

This is the second most important feature for the best video conferencing laptop. I would recommend the IPS panel display they provide better view angles, vivid colors and good contrast. This will be useful when viewing the spreadsheets and presentation. And for size concern, at least 12 or 14 inches screen laptop is recommended, because it allows you to see small text in a PowerPoint presentation, and what’s being clicked on the GoTo meeting.

Most businesspeople desire something that can be easily fit into their suitcase or bag. But you should try to compromise in this case. No one wants to squint in the skype call or software demo, so make sure find a display that has at least Full HD resolution or higher.

This is also an important factor that you should put a lot of consideration into. Purchase a laptop that has at least six or seven hours of battery backup. However, conference rooms tend to have power outlets, but it’s always a good idea to keep the backup for those situations when you don’t have the external source.

According to my recommendation, eight hours of battery backup is sufficient. This will give you the whole day juice when you can’t find any power source in any situation.

As we mentioned in A Good Display section, try to choose the at least 12/14 inches screen’s laptop. But along with the big screen, you should also consider the laptop weight. Try to find a light and slim device as possible, especially if you travel a lot. Around three-pound laptop is good in many conditions, that will not feel uncomfortable in your hand or in carrying bag.

For video conferencing, you don’t need a heavy processor or graphics card, you can easily find a suitable machine, that will be nice and easy to carry.

Some laptops come with built-in 3G or 4G compatibility, so that is very helpful to take video calls from anywhere. But Personally, I think, it is not the major requirements. Because nowadays all people carry a smartphone and so it is very easy to tether your smartphone connection with your laptop for 4G LTE level of speed.

For this, you should have a great Wi-Fi inside your laptop so that will provide you a stable connection when you have a signal.

I would prefer a laptop with 802.11ac Wi-Fi (Also mentioned Wi-Fi a/c sometimes) or at least with b/g/n-type. But remember along with the type of the Wi-Fi technology the antenna design and hardware quality plays the most important role in real life Wi-Fi speed.

This is not the harder thing, you can easily find this in the specs of the products or by googling.

As we said earlier for video conferencing, you don’t need any heavy configuration machine. But if you are doing more that the that, you might consider the other component as well.

There are many processors, memory, graphics and hard drive types available. Below here’s a breakdown that what I consider for a good level of business users.

  • Processor – at least Intel Core i5 processor is recommended
  • RAM – At least 4GB or more
  • Graphics – there is no need for heavy graphics, integrated Intel graphics will work fine.
  • Hard Drives – I prefer at least 500 GB, but if you choose SSD that will provide more portability along with high storage.


Choosing a laptop for video conferencing is a piece of cake if you know your requirements.

If you need a laptop only for video calling purpose then pick a cheap Chromebook. Moreover, if you need a laptop that can perform some other task too besides video calling, then you can choose MacBook Air or Microsoft Surface, they do not only look great but provides the amazing performance.

We have a variety of laptop in our list, you can find the best laptops according to your requirements and choice.

If you have any query or suggestion, then please don’t hesitate to comment below.

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