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Best ultra wide monitor for Mac

If you have iMac or MacBook, and you are looking for ultra wide monitors, then you are in the right place. 

Having a second monitor really increase the productivity, for example if you are working with a big spreadsheet or multiple programs then you don’t need to scroll horizontally and switching between the programs.

Moreover, many MacBook owners also like to have an ultra wide monitor in their office that provides more working area for some tasks like video editing or photo retouching.

Best Ultra Wide Monitor for Mac

There are a couple of crucial things like ports, picture quality, panel type, resolution, that should consider before purchasing the best ultra wide monitor for Mac.

If you don’t have sufficient time or already know which configuration is sufficient for you then you can check out our recommendation first. However, if you want to read our buyer’s guide then you can jump to anytime by clicking sidebar or navigation link.

Top Rated Ultra Wide Monitor for Mac

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(Editor’s Choice)

26.7 lbs

Curved WQHD+ IPS


USB Type-C, DisplayPort, HDMI

(Premium Choice)

19.8 lbs

Curved WQHD+ IPS


USB Type-C, DisplayPort, HDMI

(Runner Up)

29.9 lbs

Curved QHD VA


ThunderBolt 3, DisplayPort, HDMI

(Budget Pick)

17.2 lbs

Curved QHD IPS


ThunderBolt 2, DisplayPort, HDMI


Dell UltraSharp series is well known for high color accuracy and vivid image quality. And their InfinityEdge design offers almost bezel-less display, which provides frameless immersive experience.

The Dell UltraSharp U3818DW monitor offers USB type C port along with KVM (Keyboard-Video-Mouse). Like LG 38WK95C, this monitor is also having 37.5-inch WQHD+ curve IPS screen.

Image Quality

 As we mentioned above, the Dell UltraSharp U3818DW comes with an IPS panel, and that panel is also made by LG. It means this ultra-wide monitor also having the great view angle and quick response time. Moreover, the resolution of this curve monitor is 2840 x 1600 with the pixel density of 111 pixels per inch, so you will get highly detailed images with accurate colors.

The Dell U3818DW display is factory calibrated to Delta-E below 3, so it provides viable color accuracy for professional designing.

Connectivity and Design

The Dell U3818DW offers many connectivity options. The list of connectors includes USB Type-C (can transmit power, audio and video signal between your laptop and monitor, with a single cable), 2x HDMI, and 4xUSB 3.0 for downstream (2xUSB – fast charging capable). Additionally, there are two 9W inbuilt speakers also available.

Personally, I am a big fan of Dell designing, they offer simple and clean look devices.

The screen is curved with 2300R, which delivers an immersive viewing experience. Moreover, the screen surface is coated with the 3H antiglare coating, which eliminates the reflection effects. If we talk about the stands, which allows you to swivel with 30-degree to left and right, tilt by -5 to 21-degree and height can be adjusted up to 115mm, as well as this monitor is also VESA compatible.

But there is a little problem, all connectivity ports faces are downward, and you might have some difficulties to connect with them. However, if you connect them once then, you don’t need to remove them Repeatedly.

Apart from that, if you have a USB Type-C device then you need to connect only one cable.


The built-in KVM feature is just superb, which allows you to control multiple PCs with a single keyboard and mouse setup, which are connected with the Dell U3818DW display. Moreover, there are some on-screen features available like PIP (Picture in Picture), Dell Easy Arrange, Dell Display Manager.

These on-screen features allow you to adjust the OSD (On-screen Settings) setting, split-screen mode, multitasking and many more.

In the last, the Dell also implemented a flicker-free screen feature with the low blue light filter, which is very convenient for working longer without eye problem.

The Dell UltraSharp U3818DW is a great choice for professional designers or office needy, which provides guaranteed color accuracy and extensive connectivity options. Additionally, this monitor is also having the ability to control multiple computer when it is connected with them.

Moreover, this device is having the low price when compared to the LG 38WK95C, and there is no compromise in the features though. You are getting the same high-resolution panel and color accuracy.

  • MacBook supported
  • Big 38″ curved IPS panel
  • Accurate color production
  • Cable manageable stand
  • Solid construction
  • Control multiple PCs with single KVM (keyboard, video, and mouse) feature
  • Extensive connectivity options
  • Charge your device while using with USB Type-C
  • Ports face is downward, might be difficult to connect


LG has launched a latest ultra-wide monitor named as the LG 38WK95C. This beast offers a 37.5-inch display comes with 3840×1600 resolution. And that provides the vast working area with the accurate color detail thanks to its pixel density which is 110 PPI (Pixel Per Inch).

Moreover, the LG 38WK95C is having the high-quality IPS panel, latest connectivity options, and modern design. Additionally, you are getting the support of the software-enabled HDR10 feature here.

Image Quality

In this model, LG has implemented their own AH-IPS panel, which offers 99% sRGB gamut and advances 6-axis adjustments which make this monitor adaptable for professional color sensitive works.

This monitor provides the 3840×1600 pixels resolution, so it is ideal for any purpose.

There are onscreen multi-tasking options are available, which are good for the professional purpose, and the curvature design and ultra-wide resolution provides an immersive gaming experience.

As you probably know the IPS panels offer great view angle, so you are getting here 178-degree view angle. It means you will not feel any color displacement no matter the angle. Besides that, 5ms of response time make this display ghosting and tearing free.

Connectivity & Design

The LG 38WK95C features the ultra-thin bezels modern design, and curve line stand. This stand offers the tilt and height adjustment, but we are not sure that this monitor is VESA mount compatible or not.

When we talk about the connectivity options, this monitor offers a wide range of them. The connectors are: 2xHDMI 2.0, DisplayPort1.2a, USB-C (compatible with Thunderbolt 3), USB 3.0 Down-stream and headphone out jack. Additionally, you will get two 10-Watt RichBass integrated speakers also.

Price of this monitors is really high, but considering the brand value and its features, it can be accepted.


The LG 38WK95C offers many attractive features like screen split, on-screen control, multitasking. Additionally, there are some features that are exclusive for games like black stabilizer, Game mode, Dynamic Action Sync and the most important AMD FreeSync technology.

The Black stabilizer technology enhances the visibility in the dark areas of the games and provides the lowest input lag performance.

As we mentioned above, this monitor supports the HDR10, however, there is no hardware-based implementation and may not compete with other HDR monitors.

The LG 28WK95C undoubtedly a great versatile ultra-wide monitor for the MacBook, which offers USB type-C connectivity and can be used for professional work, gaming and everything else.

Some MacBook users think the picture quality of this monitor is not good, I want to tell them if you compare your Retina display with this monitor then you will definitely disappointed because there is too much difference between pixel density and the display size.

In the starting, you might feel, and over the time, you will get used to it. This monitor is also good, but it is something pricier, so we have put this in the second recommendation.

  • WQHD+ (3840×1600) AH IPS panel
  • Beautiful display with sRGB 99% Color Gamut
  • Software-based HDR10, ensure better picture quality
  • Border-less thin bezel design
  • Accurate and vivid color quality
  • Tilt and height adjustment available
  • USB Type-C supported
  • Light-weight
  • Somewhat expensive

On the Update of this article, Samsung CJ791 has earned the runner-up badge for the Ultra Wide monitor for Mac. The Samsung CJ791 is the first Thunderbolt 3 (Type-C) monitor from Samsung and it is 34-inch budget display. If you are looking for some bigger options then we have already included Dell and LG 38″ in our list.

The best thing about this monitor is that it is offering ThunderBolt 3 port, and you can charge your MacBook Pro while connecting with this monitor. If you are looking for an affordable display for your MacBook it is the great choice over LG 34UC98, because this latest monitor is offering some extra feature despite the low price.

Image Quality

Like its 34″ rival, it is also offering the same size display and resolution – 34-inch with 3440×1440 pixels. But you are getting a better refresh rate and response time which is good for this price. Moreover, with the Quantum Dot technology provides commendable color quality of 125% sRGB.
Overall, there is no compromise in the color quality and sharpness, you are definitely getting more than that you are paying for.

Connectivity and Design

The ThunderBolt 3 is the main highlight of this monitor, but there is more port and you can take advantage of them. These ports are 2 x ThunderBolt 3, 1 x HDMI, 1 x DisplayPort and 2 x USB 3.0 (Downstream), it means you can also connect your MacBook air or those devices they don’t have ThunderBolt 3 ports.

The best thing about the ThunderBolt 3 port is that – it can charge your compatible device (those have either USB Type-C or ThunderBolt 3 Port) with its 48W powerful charging capability while the video audio, video and data signal is being transferred.

There is an only obnoxious thing about this Samsung monitor, it is only available in the 34-inch size, if you need a large ultra wide panel then it is not for you.

The CJ791 curved screen provides the three-sided minimal bezel design so its look so amazing. Personally, I like Samsung over the LG-34″ in terms of design.


This ultra wide display support FreeSync technology and capable to work with 100hz refresh rate. You might be wondering that why are there two ThunderBolt 3 ports are given? The Picture-by-Picture (PBP) mode and Picture-in-Picture (PIP) modes take the place here – it means, you can connect two devices at the same time and do multitasking, while PIP mode allows you to resize the second source up to 25%.

Overall the Samsung CJ791 is the great 34-inch Ultra Wide monitor for Mac, which offers top color quality, extensive connectivity (including ThunderBolt 3), FreeSync support, and stunning design.

The price of this monitor is just appreciable, because as compared to its rival you are getting tons of features.

  • High-resolution VA display
  • Brilliant display with sRGB 125% Color Gamut
  • Ultra-thin bezel
  • FreeSync supported
  • 100 Hz refresh rate
  • Accurate and vivid color quality
  • Multiple Input connections
  • ThunderBolt 3 (USB Type-C) supported
  • PBP and PIP mode
  • Higher Contrast Ratio 
  • Light-weight
  • Stylish design
  • Only available in 34-inch size


The LG 34UC98 is the 34-inch curved ultrawide monitor which comes with 3440×1440 resolution. This monitor also features the IPS panel with AMD FreeSync technology.

Unfortunately, there is no support for USB Type -C, but for Mac user, they can use Thunderbolt instead. This monitor is ideal for those who don’t want to spend on the huge monitors, but want to upgrade dual monitor setup or extend the laptop display.

Image Quality    

The LG 34UC98 features a high-resolution IPS panel which provides accurate sRGB colors over 99%, ideal for professional photographers of graphics designers. 

Color accuracy is the most sensitive factor for graphics designer and photo/video editors.

There is also game mode also given that will ensure you to provide ghost or tearing-free gaming.

Overall this 34-inch curved panel’s image quality is just fantastic.

Connectivity and Design

This monitor comes with the thin bezels design curve panel and for holding this unit an aluminum curve stand is provided. This stand is capable to the slight height adjustment along with swivel and tilt, which is very convenient.

For connectivity options, there are 2 x Thunderbolt, 2x USB 3.0 with quick charge, DisplayPort, 2 x HDMI ports, and a headphone jack are available. For Mac user’s Thunderbolt is an amazing option, but you have to purchase the Thunderbolt cable separately (You can find them on the Amazon here under 50 bucks).

Additionally, there are two inbuilt 7-Watt stereo speakers also available, and they have decent and loud sound quality.

Unfortunately, there is no suppot for USB Type-C, if you have any USB Type-C compatible device like latest MacBook Pro or other Laptop, then you should avoid this.


This ultra-wide monitor offers some great features like split screen, on-screen display control, and PIP (Picture in Picture), that will allow you to manage your workspace and the “My Display Preset” provides the efficient user experience.

On the back side there are USB 3.0 ports are given and they support the quick charge technology, so you can charge your USB based device much faster than the traditional USB 2.0.

Overall, this monitor is perfect for those, which are looking for an ultra-wide 34-inch curved monitor for photo/video editing or graphics designing within the affordable price range.

This monitor doesn’t have USB Type-C (that is capable to transmits video/audio signal, along with power signal between the computer and monitor with only one cable) supports, However, you can connect your MacBook with Thunderbolt 2. And if you have latest MacBook then you should consider one from LG 38WK95C or Dell U3818DW monitors.

  • 34-inch IPS display
  • 2 x Thunderbolt 2.0 port
  • USB 3.0 quick charge
  • sRGB over 99% color quality
  • FreeSync supported
  • Screen Split and PIP (picture in picture) mode
  • Height and tilt adjustment available
  • Manual input source switching
  • No USB Type-C support

Best Ultra Wide Monitor for Mac – Buyer’s Guide

Whether you are planning to upgrade your dual monitor setup or you want an extended view of your Mac machine, It doesn’t matter. You have to consider some important point before purchasing your ultra wide monitor.

Below we are providing the most important factors, I hope they will help you. If you want to read even more on the monitors, then you can check out our another post on monitor here.

What should consider before purchasing the best ultra wide monitor for Mac?

Traditionally VGA or DVI was the common options for connecting the monitors with the computer, but later the HDMI connector introduced, that is the most preferable option for all type of devices.

But in the Apple case, only some of the devices are having the HDMI connection, make sure the models that you have does support the HDMI connection.

Below are the Mac models that support HDMI.

  • Mac Pro (2013 later)
  • MacBook Pro with Retina display (2012 later)
  • Mac mini (2010 later)

If you are using MacBook Air that doesn’t have the HDMI port then, then your Mac is likely to have the Thunderbolt port which can support also the HDMI connection, but you will need a mini display port to HDMI adaptor (Amazon) for this process.

However, there is a new port introduce in the newer Mac models, i.e. Thunderbolt3/USB Type-C (which supports both standards). So, most of the newer monitor models are shipping with this port.

IPS panel is always a good choice for the best ultra wide monitor for mac.

But why?

First of all, the IPS panels offer brilliant accurate colors quality and any type of other technology can’t beat them.

Second, the view angle of the IPS monitor is the best among all of the panels types.

We, recommends the IPS monitors for the Mac devices, however, there are LED, VA, and TN types of the panels also available.

But, as we said earlier no one provides accurate colors quality than the IPS.

LED monitors are having the great brightness, but they have some low view angle than IPS.

VA panels having the good refresh rate but they don’t have the color accuracy and view angle, compared to the IPS panels.

TN panels offer outstanding refresh rate but they have poor view angle and color accuracy.

Ultimately, the IPS panel is perfect for those users, which work with images or video editing, because colors accuracy is one of the highest requirements here.

Moreover, if you want to play high-end games with high refresh rate and response time then VA and TN panels monitors work well. But I think probably, most of the Mac user don’t play the high graphics game.

You probably know, as much high the resolution the clearer the picture will be.

But the picture quality differs according to the size of the monitors. I mean if you compare the same resolution monitors and having a different size, then you will find the small monitor is having the clearer picture quality than the big one.

But which size is good and how much resolution is sufficient?

We have discussed in our another post (Best 1440p Monitors for Gaming) that for a 27-inch monitor the 1440p (1440×2540) resolution is perfect. But if you want a big monitor than (definitely, you need that, because we are discussing the ultra wide monitors here) the 4K resolution is strictly recommended. Because you don’t want to count the pixel with your naked eyes.

And for the size concerns, generally, 38-inch is the most popular in ultra wide monitors. But if you need something smaller, then 34-inch also enough to see that what you are doing.

This is also an important feature of the monitors that should keep in mind.

If you are going to spend lots of time with your new display, then you need to keep the adjustability in mind otherwise you might suffer from back or neck pain.

In general, most of the gaming and Ultra Wide monitors come with adjustable stands, that supports the swivel, tilt and height adjustments. That allows you to set the monitor according to your comfort level.


In facts, nowadays, there is definitely lack of the ultra-wide monitor for Mac in the market, especially if we talk about the ThunderBolt 3. On the update of this article, we have included a recently-launched Samsung monitor which offers ThunderBolt 3 support at the affordable price.

But, the Samsung monitor is only available in the 34-inch size, if you are looking for some bigger monitors – the Dell U3818DW and LG 38WK95C are the best picks for you.

The Dell U3818DW is the overall best ultra wide monitor for Mac, which provides all required features at the best price ever. While LG 38WK95C is for those who want just quality without thinking about the price. Yes! LG 38WK95C is the premium quality monitor among all.

The remaining the LG 34UC98-W monitor is a budget option for those users who have older Mac device, which only supports ThunderBolt 2.

If your device doesn’t have HDMI or ThunderBolt3 ports, there is still a hope for taking advantage of the high-quality monitors. In this case, your device will be having either ThunderBolt 2 or mini DisplayPort – you can purchase a “ThunderBolt 2 to HDMI converter” or “mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort converter“, but always prefer DisplayPort over HDMI to ensure better display quality. This way, you can connect those monitor with your Mac devices which offers DisplayPort or HDMI ports connectivity.

If you have any question regarding these best ultra wide monitor for Mac, leave them in the comment below, I’ll back to you shortly.

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